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To the phones and talk with Kevin in Towson good morning to you Kevin for a bit of it good morning Sir I believe you mentioned something about BG additive for the fuel tank a little while ago yes Sir it's called ethanol defender what happens is ethanol is in our gas everybody's got its up to ten percent all throughout the state of Maryland and in some cases there's E. fifteen they called sometimes that is a fifteen percent ethanol now I want to make sure that everyone knows if you do not have a car that is set up for ethanol meaning that it is not set up for what I like to see the dole ethanol use I don't recommend E. fifteen to be used in any automobile R. E. ten is bad enough E. fifteen is you know fifty percent worse it adds much more at all after all does a couple things to your car first of all it can contaminate the fuel system after a long period of time but also it has excessive it has fifty percent more water introduced your fuel with ethanol than regular gasoline and that's why I recommend the ethanol defender BG dealers habit for example star automotive in two thousand right at the beltway and to a New York road they've got it in stock it goes in your tank a recommended every oil change and it stays in your tank it does a great job of cleaning the fuel system and also getting rid of that water okay F. one fifty with flex fuel does that cover that it does but still even a flex fuel vehicle you're still getting that water going into your system and even though your flex fuel vehicles designed to take care of a lot more of that because you can use what's called up the E. eighty five which is eighty five percent ethanol you can use that fuel in there it's still introduces a lot more water into the system and that's why I recommend the ethanol defender okay another question please sure you also mention I caught the tail end of a four wheel drive should be a nice sized huh yep the recommended mostly manufactures recommend doing it once a month trying to operate your four wheel drive I said that's a good idea but I also recommend doing it on wet roads and not dry pavement even though for a few moments Dr payments fine but it's better to do it on wet roads like maybe today but it's good to give a little bit of exercise because there are some parts that operate with four wheel drive it only operates in four wheel drive okay not a bad idea to give a little bit of exercise thank you and god bless your day thank you Kevin Bruschi to call but you have a great day to our Mike Lambert from the Sharon shop is on the line Michael good morning Sir good morning Dave how are you good I'm really good stretch out a limb here and say that you are at the global headquarters of the shine shop this morning I am there you go see what it what a wild guess that was yeah according yeah and for good reason Mr I'm telling yeah you can tell me people you know that's what you're gonna do you just go to contaminate people you know how we work so I could it felt good to have you on the air Sir in these weird times that we're going through but I'm glad to have you on the air giving us helpful hints on how to make things better in our cars when we get a chance to actually do it yeah mark Carter screaming at me when I come in the shop so please don't call me no more so here yeah they're they're tired of their time to be a Guinea pig that's what's happening in L. that's right can I say one thing real quick sure please stop hoarding the toilet paper it's ridiculous I was I was the designated exposed one the other day and there's no paper products at the local supermarket isn't that unbelievable if you need that much toilet paper the virus is not your problem exactly there's other problems involved it really is crazy I mean I went in I guess about a week ago and the store that I was in we have public's down here in Florida and it's like a giant food very similar the public is great but they they were limiting you know one of Hackett's per person and we got there and they were like three packages left and and that was a package that I would never normally buy and it was not my favorite and as I'm getting to the checkout line I see a guy in with with the with this card that has two packages of angel soft and now I'm I'm not gonna say anything up I'm not the tool of paper police okay but I'm thinking to myself when he gets to the register they're gonna say you got to put one of them back yep well I wanted the angel soft much more than I wanted what I had in my cart so I waited for him to get up to the line and the lady goes I'm sorry Sir but you're going to have to put one of those angel soft back because you're only a he goes all okay no problem I say I'll take it and he was great and I got and I took the role I had and it was somebody behind me that did not have any toilet paper at all and they took mine so we did a tulip paper I. T. P. exchange jumped out we're not going to work out for you I got mine angels all there you go yeah it's approaches it this is always going to be for a while to get used to it and just calm down okay calm down there was also no regular macaroni and cheese hello the really weird stuff out still there okay I don't drink a diet doctor pepper but a buddy of mine does and we are losing memory so he comes over here once in awhile so I always like to have it for money comes by and visits they didn't have a single flavour of Dr pepper in anything that would be considered a bottle they had a yeah that takes care of going to help I'm gonna have to learn to get a taste for Thailand food that was the only thing with a lot yeah you know it's not that I mean I'm not slamming a margin he did but I guess I'm gonna have to develop a taste for it now actually I don't have your phone I went to a Thai restaurant one of the first Thai restaurants I've been to I think I've been to Thai restaurants twice in my life okay once about five years ago and then once about a month ago and it was excellent I mean it really know it yeah so I write no problems just said you know just don't have one right down the street from me that you know is convenient so that would probably work better wife there you go there you go presence on larger crazy time so what we thought well we're we gotta take a break now I hate to say no what we'll do is we'll take a real quick break we'll come back we'll do your subject matter to get you out here okay we're gonna talk about clean in your car for with this virus and some of the places to get some supplies sure sounds great Mr all right we got Michael Anderton the shine shop is on the phone I will be back in just a few moments I'm Dave serio this is a group called the babies and midnight rendezvous right here on talk radio six eighty W. CDM ladies and gentlemen this is not a PSA Ford car dealers whether they're new or used this is a.

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