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Over the counter. It was like alpha lipoic acid and vitamin c. And a couple of other. Just small suggestions. From ben i believe And then the next time. I got my blood work My c. reactive protein was was good and these things that if they go on diagnosed or you're not paying attention to This inflammation that you might have going on the body like who the hell knows what it's going to result in so i i'm happy that like i can look at these things or we can look at these things together and say. Hey this is probably not a great idea for this to be You know out of wack. Let's figure out how to get it back. On course what c. Reactive protein c reactive protein is a general or nonspecific marker of inflammation in the body so there are several workers than we usually refer to them as acute phase reacted. And whether you're inflamed from something that your body's allergic to or an autoimmune disease like krones Or lupus or an infection or chronic infection. Oftentimes these are elevated. Drp we like specifically because it is one of them workers that we use to stratified your risk of heart disease. So you're considered low risk if you're below one especially low risk if you're below point five Moderate risk one two three and then higher risk three and above so the reason why some people have different reference reference ranges for example if you're testing for an auto immune disease rheumatological disease. Oftentimes the normal range will the five or ten. But that's because you're not really looking to stratified your risk of heart disease or inflammation. You're looking to see how likely it is As a general screening for that for You know autumn uterus Disease in general. What are some measures that you might take if somebody comes in and they Just just Maybe having a lot of digestive issues like are there things you can look at it in the blood that would identify You know how they can course correct with their diet to you. Know have better digestion. People having like gluten intolerances and just be wide variety of things that are kind of wreaking havoc on their body. How do you guys assists or walk. Somebody through that. Yeah absolutely so There's lots of gi pathophysiology. We already mentioned Some gi pathology know the Extinction of the gut. Microbial things like that but In general when you have got issues even if you're relatively young and healthy it's important to rule out inflammatory bowel deceased so If you've heard of ibs or Irritable bowel syndrome Inflammatory bowel diseases. Ibd which is different Examples of that would be ulcerative colitis and crowed which are actually quite common pathologies And another theology that we see quite often feely activity usually in krones and ulcerative colitis. If you're having a flare then you're inflammatory markers or high. But the gold. Standard for diagnosis is in dos kathy or a colonoscopy with biopsy so oftentimes ruling out important if people have severe gi issue People in their twenties and thirties or Relatively prone to it. And there's also a correlation with family history with iliac there's a genetic correlation so A lot of people have a different antigens or jean de to eight or two of them but you can several different antibodies which can be an a negative mildly positive or positive and the higher the higher chance that it is but again in bio see dos copy. Is the gold standard diagnosis for. That's a you know. A true allergy Or iga antibody that is formed against. There's also gluten intolerance which is somewhat harder to test for and then a whole host of other pathologies of which markers in stool tests and help us in the diagnostic workup You know a lot of.

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