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Coming up on mornings on the mall. We're joined by Brian Darling, the President of Liberty Government Affairs will find out what impeachment means for the president, if anything, and what's next? Where do we go from here? 6 30 on W M A L W M A L F M. WOODBRIDGE, Washington Now more than ever depend on one of 5.9 FM W m A L. A cumulus stations. News Now Double Your mail news is 6 30. Good morning, everyone. I'm John Matthews. The Democrats breakneck efforts to make President Trump, a two time impeachment recipient have been carried out. Democrats were joined by 10 Republicans to say he remains a threat to the nation. In a video address from the White House, the president condemned last week's violence. What did not address impeachment, no true supporter of mine could ever endorse political violence. Now it's up to this. Finito, hold a trial and determine whether to convict. But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has rejected the idea of an emergency session, saying it will need to wait until after the inauguration. Fox News Ray Bogen as one administration winds down, tens of thousands of National Guardsmen have arrived in town to protect the next one coming in Washington is taking extreme. Action measures in the days leading up to Joe Biden's inauguration with around 6600 National Guardsmen. Already nbsp photos show the troops lining the walls of the nation's capital There will be up to 20,000 National Guard troops deployed. That is four times more troops in D. C for the inauguration that in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. They're expected to be in place by this weekend. This as federal law enforcement track multiple threats for a quote week of siege. Fox News Actually, Strohmeyer arrest keep pouring in from last week's incursion at the Capitol. A man seen wearing a camp Auschwitz sweatshirt There was picked up in Norfolk, two police officers from Rocky Mount Virginia, who insisted they broke no laws. And we're invited in by Capitol police didn't impress federal investigators. They've been charged as well. And a man accused of threatening to kill both House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and D. C Mayor Muriel Bowser. Is also now in custody. Checking your money. The Dow futures are up 82 points. The NASDAQ futures down 24 in sport sponsored by ex surgeon The Wizards game with the Jazz was postponed. Two now Friday's game in Detroit. His office well, covert protocol has left the Wizard short of players, the Georgetown to Paul Game postponed as well due to cope it within the Hoya program. Some teams did play Virginia over Notre Dame G W Falls to VCU, George Mason beats LaSalle and the capital season opens tonight They'll be in Buffalo. Hence the sabers up Next traffic and weather is mornings on the mall continues on W m A L Vince.

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