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Wins. Right. Up until when he comes back. I was torn on this, but they should not have won the game. Well, I had my 2022 ridiculous sleeper, Carolina Panthers, the I can't believe this team made the playoffs team. I thought I had it. Baker was awful in the first half. He was pretty good in the second half. And I thought they were the better team in the second half. That was a really tough loss. So Jaguar is the same thing where what did Etienne drop two touchdowns? Sure, yeah. One in the open was wide open on a screen pass. It was a little over his head. But it felt like they blew that game as much as Washington took it. The wence thing. So once I finished with four touchdown passes and two picks, including a pick that I think traveled three yards. I don't think anyone has ever thrown picks in traffic to a defensive line but better than. And I realized after I went so he'll lose his job. That was Trayvon walker, right? The number one thing that that short pick? Yeah. I realized I actually want once to stick around. It's really exciting to have him as an NFL starter. Every player who's out there is in play for every throw. It might go right to the linebacker, it might go to defensive lineman. It can go to any of the receivers. It can hit the guy holding the sideline thing on the side, but it just everyone's a play is exciting. You're watching him. He's apologizing after one series. He looks devastated after the next one. The next one is fist pumping and running out. It's just a gamut of emotions. They should call him the gamut. I think would be my Carson Wentz nicknamed the game. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. The gamut. Yeah, he's all over the place. I really thought that second interception was over for them, right? I mean, how much time for him? Yeah, it was like it was done. Yeah, terrible now. Any other week, oh, we didn't mention the Giants. So saquon, as you know, I think he's the best running back of all time. I'm already on the record. He's the most talented running back I've ever seen. It took two years. Is that true? You said that? I said it to you. You were nodding and horror. Like four years ago, I made that point to you on this podcast. You were like the sick as sick as he was or whatever was going on. He said Leonard fournette was the greatest in college, the greatest running back he had ever seen. I was like, oh my God. Get him out. Someone tap him out, but put Sean Payton in the booth right now. Leonard fournette was never even for a week was never the greatest thing back in college. Saquon was great today. The Giants game they come back. I neither of us like Tennessee this season. Right. Day ball looked like he was gonna try Kyle and I were joking it looked like he was trying to kill Daniel Jones and the naked bootlegs in the rollout. So it was like, if I could do a to these, maybe he'll get hurt. And then finally, a couple of them worked, they got momentum, saquon broke a couple big plays, Titans couldn't do anything. They score and we're sitting there and I'm going. They should go for two. I'm not taking this to OT. They have all the momentum, the Titans look dead. And then they actually did it. And Dave ball, who they showed before, he was chewing out Daniel Jones. You see that part when he was just like, definitely out of the satellites. And they get in, they cut to him and he looks like he's like, you know, at a craps table with all his coordinators. They stopped Tennessee. They get a miss field goal. And they win it. Is this a here come the Giants moment for you? Or is this the highlight of their season? Well, I do want to add them as an 8 wins this year. And they probably should have lost today with the way Tennessee just needed like another field goal to put them away really. I mean, they literally did another field girl, but I do caution giants fans. They love Joe judge in the beginning, right? He is a rah rah guy and I think he probably saw the same scene with him chewing out Daniel Jones and then all of a sudden they hated him. They couldn't play for him, you know? And he obviously didn't know what he was talking about. I'm not saying that's the case with David, but he got a lot of help from verbal. I mean, I don't know what the hell goes on at the end where they blow a time out instead of clocking it and then Tannehill so bad. Takes a snap and goes three steps back and it's not even to get it in the right positioning for the hash marks because he still put it on the far hash mark, except three steps back and that's exactly the distance by which the field goal was missed to the right so yeah the Giants are very lucky but they did show some heart and saquon bark was back. You're right, 164 yards. When are these teams kind of realized you don't take the last time out in that situation? I don't get it. And by the way, don't spike it either. Just run a play. This is why you practice every week. Yeah, you have it. You're not there. Times on your magic number, the most crucial midfield goal was exactly 47 yards. And it was outdoors. And it was Scott Norwood. And now everyone who settles for 47 yards is stupid. It was a lucky win for the Giants, but it was also an awesome win for the Giants, and it was the first time they've had hope in a few years. There are also like with saquon, makes them exciting. That was a team that you did not want on any of your TVs. Now I don't know. Now I'm intrigued by them. We had four comebacks with the Giants with the saints with the browns with the C words. All came back, all came back in the seawards, the colts. Now the commanders. Came back too, but they taught. Yeah, okay, yeah, you're right. Does that cat? It's like a half comeback. Yeah, I guess, I don't know. I don't know what the half ass come back. What was the game we didn't go over? I think we went okay. No, we didn't I guess we didn't hit the chiefs, yeah. Listen, we

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