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It's not that's not a thing but before that he was doing everything possible to get that to t to earn that that world He's got a great resume and heavyweight. He's fought some of the best and the reason like he's the reason he lost that opportunity because he fought a real guy and alexander pevec and not a heavyweights or fighting real guys. So i give dillion white credit for that too. So i'd like to see that happen in the first quarter of two thousand dollars. I think it will happen. I think fury who has talked publicly about that fight in the past even before. Anthony joshua lost usak. I think fear would go for. It's a big fight as we said in the uk. And i think that's that's likely to happen. And they wanna bring tyson fury back to the uk at some point. He's bigger should star star now than he was before clearly after this trilogy with the auntie wilder he hasn't fought in the uk and three and a half years or so. So i mean he's you know he's he's the best heavyweight in the world now. He's certainly the best heavyweight in england heavyweight worldwide and. I think he would like to fight back home. You know manchester london wherever And dillion white fight would be a big fight back there and and you know i'm not trying to come down on billion white but you know he was once upon a time deserve the title shot and it's unfortunate and unfair to him that he did not get it when he was supposed to get it. But i just like people continuing to harp on this as if what happened in the first alexander can fight didn't happen it's just very annoying. I agree i agree. It's such a big fight in the uk that i think just e regardless of mandatory status make the fight like you know put a while into position to find the undercard give them a chance to furniture of title down the line. It's not perfect. But i'd like to see white against fury early next year. Let's talk for a second about the welterweight division. Back in august you're daynuss. Goss picked up the biggest win of his career knocking off manny paquito retiring at least for now manny paki out and winning the full version retaining the full version of the wba's welterweight out of the super version of the welter weight title. In the aftermath of that gus understandably had hoped to take a unification fight against arrow spitz. That would be a incredibly meaningful fight course but also bring a big payday for you. Dana gus as well the wba which is efforting to combine its titles eliminate the interim and the regulars and all the stuff that has plagued it over the last five or ten years. They said no. No no you've got to participate in this box off. I up against donnie. Onus young fighter who is thirteen at this point it's supposed to take place at some point before the end of the calendar..

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