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It's waiting for tonight and it isn't just that the song was catchy it was that the song basically eight the planet that's on with inescapable this song comes out follow nineteen ninety nine and some point it became the song for the end of the world rates because Y. Two K. was about to happen and I felt like people were kind of like they were torn like on the one hand we've got this print song that pretty much tells us what to do when the ball drops and parts over time well the difference between one thousand nine nine the print song and waiting for tonight was Jennifer Lopez was doing the optimists version Prince God us like a slightly right right right right you better hunker down and Taylor was like a Papa Mali and tomorrow at least it was one of the peak Jaylo moments too from a first record and she announced herself to be this recording artist it was clear that this woman was going to be eh at the center of American culture in a way that no other Latina had ever been at four right yes I think one of the reasons didn't have prefer us who is a wonderful actress Seyran why can't jumped zero fearless she was not gonNA compromise anything about Rosie Perez the movie right and I don't know what Jennifer Lopez would say her compromises were but I felt like part of becoming famous no matter who you are means figuring out how to play the game of yes becoming and stay maintaining the thing that you've earned at any cost right and by the time she becomes famous there's no Latin infrastructure in the movies for somebody who isn't white to become famous in lake to lake have parts that ex- explore the Latin experience in this country now so what happens she becomes like this Sydney party kind of person who goes first and just like we're sending party who had no black people to act with for like a decade and a half really she's frequently white adjacent yes and plots that really anybody could do and that had nothing to do with who she is as Jennifer Lopez or even as a Latina in a Hollywood movie so I just feel like the movies never figured her out and I think it took her a long time to figure out how to be in the movies rate she does Selena then she does out of sight plays a federal marshal one of many cops by the way the Jennifer look this is what they do when you're a non white actor in the movies they make you a cop so she played he's out of sight law enforcement professional monster in law my favorite jailer movie I thought she was so funny in that movie it's true she's still essentially plays why did you as in person who's trying to impress her mother-in-law Jane Fonda but the two of them have such great slapstick physical comedy abilities about Jane Fonda but I'd never seen Jaylo there's a deftness too which is able to control her face and her movements and it's not just like a ditzy clumsy person like she's actually funny in the way she's like giving side is playing all these pranks on Jane Fonda you know it's really I don't like movies were two wonderful women have to fight but they don't fight the home move I know but it just I didn't enjoy okay but but it is one of those romantic comedies that she made the wedding planner is one of them maid in Manhattan two of those movies where hits but it's her highest grossing movie until what probably is going to be hustlers so I wonder what would have happened if the movies had figured out sooner the truth is the woman made about two movies a year for a long time seen working she really working hard she's working on another movie right now what I'm actually trying to get it is this idea that Jennifer Lopez clearly had the makings of what it took to be a movie star but she never got an independence day she never got you know I am legend I am legend you and I both love I mean I'm not saying she literally is going to be an independence day or I am legend although hey everybody there's fought all these Dang remakes listen do that one but it's true what you're saying though is that she never had a movie that was built to showcase her for what she is really good at we never really got to see Jaylo fully BJ low in the movies in movie life is happening to her like she's like a woman who's like finds herself pregnant and then the level of man phones yourself married to a man who beats her she's got kill him at the end she just kind of seems to drift and all these various plot points but then you get the music videos and you see this woman who is she knows exactly where she is in space and time she's not tripping over things she doesn't have to fight with anybody sleep she's paying her own bills her life is not endanger I mean she is exactly where she's supposed to be and she looks like she is loving every minute of it and the as you can tell them popstars aren't comfortable in that role Jaylo loved the role yes she was built for the music videos there is this discrepancy in terms of restorative the movies were trying to tell us one thing and the music and the music videos we're trying to tell us something else and there's this moment in her Asong play where she no I loved the Song I love the video I mean great Jennifer Lopez are hair's just all over the place agin happy it's like deep saturated colors you know does great things with their skin kind of bent over just dancing Japan it it's just a very joyful music video.

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