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Leakers and it's the leaking and so scare mucci so upset and he's basically saying i'm just going to fire everybody which by the way is not unusual innovation he said that to the reporter to kinda try to regret guilt yeah he'll order would inevitably the leak is all these other people but let me ask you a question given the prevalence of the leaks and the inability to stop them should they not fire absolutely and this is not unusual in any campaign organization or government organisation when a new hedge cheese comes in at that level you usually fire everybody and that's because not just because of leakers but because their lot loyalty you you didn't bring them in your people so he should fired everybody just as standard operating procedure so he needs to get rid of everybody but here's the bigger story okay the the vulgarity and accussing i mean that's not below beneath the dignity of the position but it said he didn't have the wherewithal to put this off the record gives hugh y pas going how was this guy going to control one of the hardest white houses to control in communications the argument he's not wane does it descend into chaos no i i think what you're you're just going to see now is scare muccino's that ryan spree this has been on his way out and so he's trying to expedite the icy because the dynamics were trump wanted to bring in scaramucci months and months and months ago but ryan's was stopping at saying he has a conflict with his hedge fund and blah blah blah so they've been enemies for a while so i think what scare which is trying to do is saying if i can only get in a if an ally as a chief of staff my life would be a lot easier i now when we come back you can stay right because we can turn our attention to the california governor's race i know a lot of people because hadley the republican pulled out i'm rivers last week of the week but he was in then he was was in very quickly and a lot of people are like well are there any republicans even trying ng and that there are there are you know without them so we can see whether any of them are.

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