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Falem the son of your who loved the wages of unrighteousness but he received a rebuke from his own transgression for immu donkey. Speaking with the voice of a man restrained the madness of of this once. Prophet and peter compares false teachings when you look at those two verses. He compares those false teachings to the profit who is enticed by. What by money you allow greed and covetousness to overtake him so much so that he looked to destroy the people of god in the old testament and it was bayless greed rather than that overcame him on another occasion and he died a miserable death. It tells us in number shafter thirty one but then you looked at versus seventeenth nineteen as we get closer to the end of this lesson and in verses seventeen through nineteen notice what it says now these are springs without water and miss driven by a storm for whom the blackness of darkness have been reserved for speaking out arrogant words vanity they enticed by flesh desires by sensuality. Those who barely escaped from the ones who live in error promising them freedom while they themselves are slaves of corruption for by what a man is overcome by this. He is enslaved. You look at versus seventeen through. Nineteen and peter explains what some of the false teachers were doing at the time of his writing. They were telling..

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