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Investing forty eight million dollars while their permanent location has not been announced Aloom will lease space in downtown Albany near the Corning tower putting it close to Wadsworth center laboratory facilities in the Empire State plaza. I'm Phoebe lefavor NewsRadio eight ten and one zero three one WG Y a motorcyclists was airlifted Saturday afternoon from this after collision with an SUV. The accident happened at the intersection of ball town road and went avenue. No update on the condition of the motorcyclist jet. Ball town road was closed for several hours while police investigated the fund has begun. In Germany, the spirit of communicate is in the air as October fest gets underway in Munich governor, Markus. Soder calling it Bavaria's biggest and best visiting card in the world with a cry of opt east. Meaning it's tapped mayor deter writer opened the. I cake of beer with a six million visitors expected to attend October fest. This year will pay a little more for what's inside those barrels the price of a two pint mug shot up fifty five cents from last year to eleven and a half euros or thirteen fifty in US dollars. So drink up the celebration only runs through October seventh. Karen McHugh, Fox News. Paul McCartney admitting that the mad captain in his new song. Despite repeated warnings is President Trump McCartney gave an interview to the BBC to promote his new album Egypt's station. The song featured the madcap featuring the mad captain is dedicated to climate change deniers McCartney's seventy six but this week is celebrating his twenty third number one album Egypt station knocked Eminem's latest off the top of the billboard charts. And L A based activists says hundreds of signatures were collected on a petition to remove Bill Cosby star from the Hollywood walk of fame, Los Angeles urban policy roundtable, president Earl affari Hutchinson. Plans to present the signatures to the Hollywood chamber of commerce on Monday. That's the same day. Cosby is scheduled to be sentenced in Pennsylvania, followings conviction in April of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman in two thousand four WBZ news time is eight thirty five. Now, WGN sports Zach Harris. The.

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