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I don't know if there is a thing anything I had in my controlled make him happy I think also I remember we had. A moment in October were. It was bad bad but it was. We were in Rhode Island. It was later Halloween and I remember going back to La. Remember thinking like I did not want to go back. But I remember I got I. Got I was a pain in the ass you were. Yeah I don't even remember this. I remember everything I mean he's always pissy when we leave Rhode Island I know the days leading up to the the flight back will won't be in the best mood and then like the first couple of days in La is an adjustment period for some reason October doesn't strike me as one of those times. Specifically I remember how I give you an extra. I gave you an extra week here. You can proceed got married here for chrissakes. Jerry is not a gift that I gave you I. This is exactly what I imagined. Right. You guys. You guys love conversation. Love. About what's going on? It sounds like you're ten out of ten jared you have nothing to improve on. Ashley nothing to prevent either here's one year down a million more to go stoked for you guys. We do have to get to our guests. We have to take an idea for. The producer's like, maybe it's a good idea to do a help. I suck a dating one year of marriage podcast. I agree with that. Perhaps we can do that after the the the what women want what a girl wants always has an opinion doesn't she? said the top of the podcast we've got some great guests coming up. You're not gonNA WANNA miss. It's Darcy Stacey from Ninety Day fiance before the ninety days we're GonNa take one quick break. We're going to talk to them and you're not gonNA WANNA. Miss that conversation because I promise. It's GonNa be juicy very interesting. So stay tuned. Heads. Up, Ninety Day, fiance fans because.

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