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Update on what's happening there Bacardi good morning Hey good morning G. T. right I was between eighteen nineteen you walk down the street so you know in case you don't know where that is where after that we're sending you know did you bite like Wenger Alabama theatre layer yes yes the wheel house log you know we've been talking to the owners want jot drives about forty you got here but a Levin o'clock last night his building was vandalized okay and you know just gonna randoms gonna be honest with you right now is going to break it out he was just sitting out here he just started crying what I got out here my first report at five o'clock I I broke down you know right before I went on air I cried one of the people at the scene came over you know help me he was wrong then and now he's he's at his moment of the tiger for you know great he was but at this moment you know work hold man we're looking at this and you know we're all brought to tears we know that the evidence suggests George lord your nap list we say the movement to protest happening all over the country in you know over the weekend it manifested here in Birmingham yeah we'll talk to John it's the largest basically re open after yeah close go exactly and you know he's he's up there going to be okay you know they boarded up the place and you know Big Bang cleaning cleaning the streets he's taken the bro right now it is helping to you suite more the glass that shattered along the road here you know we we heard a couple have err Randall Woodfin you know we talked about this as the leader of the city Birmingham but also you know the black said that this is nothing that you know he told the pain for but he also said that destruction is not the way it we talked to John earlier look everybody that we talk to that agreement does something need to happen you know exactly what that looks like and how to affect that you know no one has the answer for that so you know this is where we are right now yeah we saw it started out peacefully was supposed to be Birmingham the world is watching out a peaceful protest last night and then at Linn park that the statue came down there was direction at the Wells Fargo building with the ground you know this the images vandalism there and then that you know people going through the streets as they were dispersed out of the parking causing you no more problems in as you describe their one man salon was destroyed all in all of this and I'm I'm I'm with you cari I had my moment on the over the weekend as well before all this happened last night and you know I I agree you know I understand the protests I don't understand the destruction the violence and I I agree with you that yeah there's got to be changed in a word we're all in this together you know and and we're destroying our own cities in our own communities and it I don't understand stealing TV's and bows I don't think that represents Jordan Floyd honors him yeah I think George Fleming family has spoken out against the violence in this in once peaceful protest to create change but I gotta tell you beyond the relationship with god and as far as I'm concerned a relationship is a commercial Jesus Christ changed hearts have to take place before we can start talking about you know what the solution in this you know I you're right human beings have to gain more respect for each other as we move forward in the Senate you're right it just breaks down like the first on both sides yeah curry appreciated this morning we'll check up with you next hour and then check back in I I'm with you man I'm with you I took totally feel what you're going through and I I'll talk to you next hour thank you Bacardi Bacardi savage at fox six at six twenty eight now.

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