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Everything's great. Christon. Casey is the AFC. What was Christians lease favorite song to perform any shows done. You can do that later. Promises promises. I had a song call on Broadway called go knowing when to leave, and I only hated it because it was tough to sing or clubs, books who pays for the thirty thousand dollar a month. Penthouse tins Scott pays for that. All right. Let's go to Jack up North Carolina. Hey, Jacka. Which question. Y'all. So my question is for tensely and I'm wondering after seeing last week's episode with red scarf Bethany at sea dating and this week's episode, if she feels that maybe Carol was being of smog. It's, you know, Brian with red scar who it became like an issue with me Ramona and Carol and Bethany of, but you know, he, he's still in contact with Carol. And so I, I honestly don't really know the full details of all of it, but I know watching it, you see him talk to the knee and he's trying with Ramona, but I don't know. He really is. He's still trading with with Carol, and he sent her all the Texas, but the knee and he had with each other. So I don't know. It's kind of inter certainly when deep about it at the reunion of what was the reaction to the land news totally truck because you know, I, I was so proud of her for everything after had a mug time Palm Beach too. And I just feel like I turned it around and I felt like she was doing that in the cover show is so amazing. And I was just so proud of her. And she said, I wish her the best and I hope that she can work everything out. All right. It's gametime everybody. We are celebrating all the flavors by the New York house wise, bringing us on their vacation with a game called chip chip, chip, Allston, the wheel, whichever flavor lands you'll answer. Trivia question relating chip the flavors are Cajun spice, chili Cohen case, oh deep, dish, pizza cheese. Let's play. Okay. This pizza. Kristen, which real housewife hails from Chicago, Vicky gun ho center tamra Barney. Vicky. Cheese who through Kim fields, Tupperware of cheese, facs overboard during a boat trip to Ray with fielder. Can you more you have no. Very good. You are. Correct. Deep dish pizza, which was the first to play mama Morton in the Broadway show she called candy or Niimi. Martin, it will be candid. That was. Yes, Cajun spice. Vini wasn't Cinderella. I, but the first played mama. Morton was needing, okay. Kinsley. In what year did Lisa vendor? Pumpkin terrain as monarch in the mardi gras parade twenty fifteen twenty sixteen. Twenty. Going to give you another Cajun spice you which vendor proper star probably hills from New Orleans pheno or Stasi..

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