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A good Saturday afternoon to one at all special Saturday afternoon edition mark loses with you Tommy Luke our my producer back at the shop at three forty five huts in the herd Erika her squid she's got your updates as we take it for the next two hours right up until six o'clock tonight and as Erica was mentioned during her top of the hour update yes for the first time in Triple Crown history it's the Belmont Stakes that's gonna lead the way this afternoon in the Triple Crown series and usually it's three races in five weeks right first Saturday in may be in the Kentucky Derby two weeks later be in the Preakness and just a little bit shorter than a mile and a quarter and then the two true test of a champion at the big sandy which is customarily at a mile and a half three weeks after the Preakness Stakes three races five weeks to crown the Triple Crown winners and we know of recent memory Bob Baffert has had a lot of success here in the Triple Crown American Pharoah justify a couple years ago B. in the last two Triple Crown winners after the chasm that we had of of really get close close forces are real quiet amongst those silver charm they came to Belmont unfortunately failed this year we all get used to a little bit of a a new normal do we not and we're going through it now but what the Belmont represents it is a New York event even though fans are not in attendance at Belmont Park today in Elmont Long Island it's a beautiful sun shiny day post time is five forty two will take your right up until post we've got a great show on tap for you mark Cassie the trainer the second choice tap it to win it ninety two right now after getting some money early on he's gonna join us during the course of the next two hours after these to be from the horse racing radio network naira will run through the field of ten for the Belmont as well Dick Girardi will join me I think moms all hop on as well do a podcast with them horse racing podcast that we put out pretty much every couple weeks he's gonna pop on to give us a selection plenty of your calls as well at eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six it's a little bit different there's no question about it but it's a New York event and as we are clamoring for sports to return as baseball goes through what baseball infuriatingly is gone through as we wait for July thirtieth when the NBA's gonna return in their one site bubble down there Disney world in Orlando as we wait for NHL training camps we hope to open up July the tent days we see MLB spring training facilities close for a deep cleaning and that just yet another issue as we still go through this pandemic one thing you know it does ring true today the Belmont is a New York event and horse racing does grab center stage and I think the reason why it does is because there's honestly nothing else going on aside from golf the other thing is is that I I think people do have respect here for the Triple Crown even though it's not gonna be three races in five weeks you're gonna have the Belmont today in early September you have the derby in early October you're gonna have the Preakness I think it's a hundred and fifty days Saratoga not renounce that the Travers stakes will be seven weeks from today and I think the the owners of of tis the law the even money favorite as we speak right now second toga stables very very familiar the triple crown you know those that is soaks the the gutsy gelding a funny side who won the first two jewels of the Triple Crown only to be undone by Judd months empire maker Bobby Frankel in a sloppy tracking number years ago but we're familiar with the second token stables and they have a very very talented three year old this afternoon into is the law now I've always been a huge Triple Crown fan and I'm not going to tell you that the Triple Crown has to save the sport of thoroughbred racing I'm not also not gonna tell you that I think that this year it's going to be even more difficult than years gone by because I think it truly test the horse the stamina the brilliance the ability to be consistent to have three successive runs over the course of five weeks now the difference here is every race could look conceivably different if this is the law who is the overwhelming favorite this afternoon should win the Belmont Stakes who knows of the other nine that are gonna be lining up on the first you know Saturday in September for the Kentucky Derby who knows exactly what is the law was successful in the Kentucky Derby who exactly knows who's going to face him in the Preakness so it would be a different challenge B. as in normal years what have happened as the Triple Crown give a field of twenty for the derby a pretty large field for the Preakness and more often than not that field and those should and and those horses start to get whittled down as we get to the Belmont Stakes because there's really nothing aside from winning the Triple Crown that helps the value of a three year old in winning a mile and a half race and that's really what this is all about we love it for the sport I love for the sport I grew up around thoroughbred racing go on the track of my dad and my uncle when I was really young having gone to Saratoga pretty much every year of my life and I don't know if I'll be up there this year obviously and if fans will be in attendance up there in beautiful Saratoga springs but having gone to Triple Crown races the derby the Preakness the Belmont year after year covering it for S. and why going there as a fan you know I have a healthy respect for what the Triple Crown days and I look at the sport as a fan I don't have any stake I don't own any horses but when you hear those talk about the quality of the thoroughbred racehorse what they're looking at at the end is there look at the breeding set and so in normal years what you have at the mile and a half Belmont Stakes is you have horses that if there's no triple crown on the line Porsches are gonna push surpassed the Belmont to move we'll look at the Travers are other stakes races they maybe get them ready for the fall schedule and leading up to the breeders Cup wherever that site might be this year's conceivably and totally different instead of a mile and a half and the Belmont is and you know al mondo Belmont park has the largest oval in North America they're gonna be running a mile on eighth one turn around big sandy which is distinctly different Amala lays around one turn there's no other track in North America no other track in North America I can run a mile in a three zero one turn aside from.

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