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And we only found it all out in the last ten years, quite spirituality. I didn't think of really processed it properly every day getting inside my grandmother skin, which is profound when your kid you put adults on a pedestal, and you see them in a certain way, and so need to get onto my grandmother at the age of nineteen and to tell her story, and then tell my dad's story at the age of eighteen that's been really amazing for me. Glenda, you've been nodding while she's been talking. And I'm thinking of how you've said that you've worked with men most of your life because the theater doesn't have as many roles for women. And I'm wondering if you are looking over at Ruthin thinking, it's changed a bit. It hasn't changed too. I mean, it's really scandalous. I find that contemporary dramatists. Don't fund women interesting. We are rarely ever the central dramatic engine with there's some kind of odd junked. There have been major changes and stills still that has not crept into the modern dramatists view of the world. And I find that quite bemusing, actually. And even if the lead from still the victims. I mean, I've been frustrated myself and that as a way of why I've been making my I'm walk will condition by the patriarchy. So even women of lighting stories, which still have women at the center who victims undis- head is about to explore. Well, no, I mean what I want to do. There is still the prevailing on the belly. The different woman is successful. She's exception the proves through if a woman is a failure that all failures, and that has not shift, and even though we have made strides and we'll hopefully continue to make them. It's very hard. Just one last question Ruth Wilson. So what is it like to be like right next? Glenda jet like crawled up does is there like a Spar treats me with overwhelming contempt. Maybe a special electrical field or some like an electric shock every time. I get close. Own asleep. Under somebody's being with you. Because I don't know what she's drinking she's on some sort of energy juice. The I need to have some amazing energy levels. Marvelous. What about you? Not as much energy in the play. We don't change about it. Just drives us full with interacting and fine with each other. That's why you do the job. Of course. It is Glenda Ruth. Thank you both so much. Thank you. Thank you. King Lear stars Ruth Wilson. And Glenda Jackson and a crime has been committed. Glenda Jackson was not nominated for Tony for her Lear, maybe because she won last year for Edward Albee's. Three toll women, but Ruth Wilson was nominated for feature actress, they are both extraordinary..

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