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But by talking to him yesterday, he seemed like they he was very aware that he's going to be playing a lot of short early. On would also you think about the pressure. That's going to be his defense in the fact that they didn't take Manny Machado because of the beat believe in Andhra heart. So he's going to have to make sure that he gets out to a faster because it's all about confidence about footwork at all. But he's got a show that he's taking the next step in from all indicates that they're excited about what they've seen you go back. Also to the to the starting pitching in the fact that we know that Kyko still out there. We know that know GIO Gonzalez is still out there. You'll do they make a move just to kind of get a little insurance in case you guys start off fast. And you talk about the other cold weather, and you don't wanna really tack this bullpen like they did last year early in the season because they show periods where they were dominant. But it was periods where they were tired and being overused. The other thing too one thing out of yesterday. That you have to be very encouraged about is we're on the air when judge head his bombed. Yeah. And it was a bomb landed. Yeah. I mean, it was it was out to right center. And it was oh to pitch and the fact that he did that. And whether it's listen very judges are trying to make contact. He's still gonna hit it to Sarasota. Chances. So and he did that yesterday. So he's changing his changing but improving is to strike approach a little bit. And you saw that yesterday. I'm not going to sit here and tell you it's gonna cut massively down on his strikeouts. But I think that even if it gets a little bit better. I mean that's gonna help. Well, you could tell Stanton especially for judge take that first second. I mean, you could tell that they he and he's he admitted it this was the point of emphasis for him this off season, right? This was the adjustment that he wanted to make hitting wise was what is his approach in a in a two strike count. And man early returns are positive. So obviously, you know, you're going to have pictures are going to just a him or whatever. But it's that is incredibly courage notes pretty obvious down here. Maybe I won't speak for you guys. It seems kind of obvious to me that we all know judge is the face of the team. He's the most famous athlete in New York right now. Also, I would say he's face the city headliner. He's he's definitely he's not separating himself like he's separating himself. But it's being separated that he is the no doubt face like we're down here. We're seeing billboards. He's on. I'm not seeing billboards with Stanton. Stanton. Seems like he's as opposed to last year where he was headline National League MVP comes to the Yankees. You know, craziness this I feel like he is under the radar. This this spring training superstar good thing. He's very of the rain. That's very scary. Because I think last year coming in after the live up to the expectations at changing leagues come into a new environment. You know, we talked to bone yesterday. He's talked about how good he is. When he sees somebody twice. So he's going to face some of the same opponents that he had last year. He's gonna make.

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