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Here from channel five thank you to him and in stock yeah why not T. V. one Allan Blanchard yes send it out Laurie in Julia says Lorian Julie I love Instagram love it you know I love it because you can you can actually directly interact with people yeah I know I do fun people are asking about lorries boots and we did a video and our beliefs and I did respond okay and you've got a to be clear you have the like a great audience like your folks are the best in every time I come on here my phone lights up and then they are just as you will wonder fall we are very we're thrilled that people hang out with us every day and you could take us worry we podcast people will go anywhere at anytime just download the my tack app I think this month we're giving where furnace that's among the listener reward Chinese big the big deal okay so arm you're here you were wanted to apply go yeah something something yes so I do some work with as I lark hit her Skylar what opera theater so you think of when you hear opera yeah it's pretty amazing what do you think you like opera I went to one think it's like old and stuffy and in a foreign language Gino away yeah but I left at halftime so this group spin around in surprise the Twin Cities for a long time skylark opera theater and they bring a modern twist the update these performances they do it in intimate venues they move the shows around and they have one opening on Friday so I just what it's called the most happy fella and it is of your favorite love story your favorite musical that you've never seen it's from the person who did guys and dolls yes Frank the English by Frank Loesser and skylark operate dot org it is Kyla can you know that Skyler copper dot just for saying and the most happy fella opens Friday opening night is actually sold out it's very popular it's a great show actually they're gonna tomorrow in Twin Cities live yeah they're going to do a preview of one of the rehearsals he can watch said earlier about three thirty tomorrow afternoon you can save it and listen to us yeah you can go see the show to it runs through October twentieth and we have to get information on the Twin Cities live website you can direct message me and I'll help you get tickets but it's a great group and a great show and I just want to put a block absolutely thank you for the time dear introducing us to that excellent thank you okay so arm there's a lot of stuff to get through and I was going to save quite a stack or Laurie for tomorrow okay that whole that whole section of stuff you know we take turns she reads part of stuff and I read the other suffered actually she reads it on every time you have an impressive operation up here every time I come he hello the body is the sure I remember are we still floating never Lori talked about seeing on the second episode of evil it's forensics colleges it it's on CBS and she said she was scared of George who is kind of the nightmare kind of those the first episode yeah but he's visits again how we do I want to get a second one I laughed when George came I I love the show he said I don't know why it is it's scary or is it just that sci fi is like a supervisor saying yeah whatever I didn't I'm the it has that great guy from lost on it who is Michael I'm lost if you could look at all the yeah yeah yeah doctor he always pleased to see the church's backlog of unexplained mysteries yeah it is it it is supposed miracles demonic possessions another extra fascinating I like it I haven't seen it I'm in my Emerson is Michael Emerson places a horrible care I'm but the river Dale it's argument other shows Riverdale cast were all on the today show the adults from the cast and they're kind of talking about their show when it comes back tomorrow night on the C. W. it's going to be a different type of show dedicated to Luke Perry's passing because he was Archie's bad on Riverdale and so you know make it Molly Ringwald was there the guy that's married to Kelly rep but was there yeah I'm ski all rich was famously in our studio looking hi mom he was there I believe I don't think he was there yes he was he was sitting right next to Molly Ringwald so here I don't know who's talking that someone's talking but look very sad just everybody knows is the season premiere but Molly this episode it's only a departure from the usual twists and turns right yes well as we know we lost our friends and colleague Luke Perry at the end of last season so this season is really we deal with his death in the show so Brad Andrews guys as well and we have to say goodbye to him so that's that's the beginning of the season it's a very I think very moving tribute I can only imagine what it was like for you guys doing the read through and actually having to re live the grief that you felt at the time what what was that like surreal yeah pretty brutal yeah think anyone got her with a dry at all yeah it's been it was it was really hard to to film to go back you know we have a long season the shooting and it was it was hard to dive into for sure it's to drugs all that out so close to Luke and they've that the father son relationship and you know I have seen the episode but I have heard his his work is just beautiful on the surface of her you know it it would be like me having a stroke and are coming to work tomorrow and being that that's how we rate is fifty two years old so here's what they're hoping about dealing with grief how could help some of the younger viewers you know what I think is so important is there so many young people who watch the show there are so many of us who loved him so in some ways there are so many people who are having to deal with it on their own and in some way I feel like by putting it in the story line do you agree or not in your head that it almost helps them to process it as well yeah I think so too there are a lot of young people that that watch the show and I think it's it's very cathartic and healing for them to see these characters that they love dealing with grief and going on you know with their lives because you know this is the season goes on yeah Riverdale is still Riverdale but you know we we miss our friends and cage a Mrs Luke we almost so someone else can folks expect in this did throughout the season I think more and more towards the characters that we love we're going to focus more and see their personal lives a little bit more interacting little bar course it a mystery because our retail we get out of prison yeah okay so well we all have to deal with right now life I mean it's very real and the like the folks on the show I mean they're no different than now I know me and we all we all will experience it at some point I think it's going to be at a different type of episode so I actually think I'll tune in I don't watch this is often is Laurie but the kids love it so that is going to be back tomorrow night and in other exciting TV news Nick Jonas is going to join the voice as a coach next year because Gwen Stefani is only going to be on this year so he's very excited he's going to be one of the coaches they could be good I like him yeah do you think his relationship with Frank a chopper as fake are you do you will clean and Bradley do and they are our investigative saying like just there your they are on it they are the investigating what are you know liners are sporting signs about that what's this why the skepticism all because a different age their firm she was our morning America this morning talking about how she really can't wait to start a family Oldboy I yeah okay well I I don't I don't know that I have an opinion on that but will look to see most of the investigative team cooks up in the cleaning Bradley because they read the stuff the damn article Danny well that helps yeah does help throw a jab at me because I didn't read the art Hey wait a minute I got I got thirty seconds notice stick that's good that was I'm not ruling this year now I know we're gonna take a quick break and when we come back it is time to Hollywood speaking yes and that should be interesting to hear with Matt Lanter from his debate.

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