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Reach the lower sixties, so just slightly above normal will continue that Klima's we go into Wednesday and Thursday with temperatures near 70 degrees. But much cooler conditions expected as we go into the weekend, right now 48 at the DFW airport and is brought to you by the good contractors list. Governor Greg Abbott gave the 2021 State of the State address this evening. He talked about Those on the front lines that are fighting the pandemic. He also said, and important issue is helping the millions of businesses and workers who have been impacted by the pandemic. To say the very least. We must balance the state budget without increasing taxes. The governor listed several things that will be considered an emergency item in the coming legislative session. That included election integrity, integrity and responding to cities that plan to take action to defund the police. Democrats in the Senate may have a majority for the most part, but it's tenuous at best as Fox Chad, that program explains. Technically, at this moment, Democrats do not have the majority in the United States. And the reason is that Mark Warner Democratic senator from Virginia was exposed to Corona virus, and he is in quarantine. Now. Democrats got a scare last week when Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont, the most senior member of the body, went to the hospital for tests. He's back now. Now the Senate has it. Approved a power sharing agreement. And for now, technically, Republicans continue to hold committee gavels. That's why Lindsey Graham remains the chairman of the Judiciary Committee. And that's why Merrick Garland up for attorney general still again has not yet gotten Here. Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson has a plea for residents who caused delays at the city's vaccination side of the weekend. Johnson says so many people showed up uninvited that others shared appointment times with people who did not yet qualified to get a shot. What you were doing inadvertently Is causing delays for everyone else who was supposed to be in line, so I want everyone out there and I say this with love to think about your neighbors, Johnson says the city is working to get an improved scheduling system. Again. Partly cloudy overnight delay should be around 37 48 right down. Downtown Dallas is also been brought to you by off Go office furniture from the W B A P News desk on Mickey Briggs. Your next update at 9 30 24 7 coverage. WB ape com This'd is the news and talk of Texas. It's Kris Kross right now. Are you stalking 20? W A D W b a feed a.

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