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The seconds he manipulated dna chemical cousin cold rubber nucleic acid or rna it converts the instructions in our dna into action and altering the arnn i was used to correct a mutation that causes defective blood cells all of the experiments were on human cells growing in the laboratory ultimately genetically modified embryos could prevent diseases such as cystic fibrosis or inherited blindness dr sarah chan a bioethicist at the university of edinburgh says the public needs to decide how far the technology should go it he's absolutely pasta time for us to engage more widely with public's on the issue of edison the scientists moving fast in that it's becoming less risky more search and more precise and more effective we can't hide any more behind the idea of physical risks we need to confront what the moral risks of this technology are the same technologies were compounds animals a microorganisms two opposing further questions for areas such as agriculture researchers have praised the studies as clever important and exciting science that report by james gallagher a most of us carry them everywhere which technically means when never out of touch the just how long can you survive without looking at your smartphone or people in hawaii could now find themselves facing a fine after the city of honolulu brought in a law to try and stop people wondering in front of traffic causing an accident while checking their fine he is jonathan blake you don't have to go to hawaii to find people walking down the street while looking at efforts which is just as well because there was no chance of me being sent to hawaii to cover this story sorry we've all done it a message goes up or you feel the need to check your email for the fifth time in five minutes so you take out you'll followed the down the keep walking.

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