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Massive by still Toffees game going racing sports car in IndyCar nothing. That's really good for echelons losses. Most leading revolution in motorsports. He would say, yes. Well that question. Well, so we can we can move on the next one now by which is what makes Alonzo so good on track. The behind the wheel stuff. The what makes him so quick so good the improvise Asian. I think ultimately. Think of no I was not that I'm old enough to seen this. But from what I've read. Make the comparison with Jim Clark going that had a reputation vamp to drive around problems drive any car. He was given. That's how I seems to me. He had he's had some bad calls in the in the latter stages career and the throughout the time that I was covering F one or have been covering at one closely, and he just can wrestle at times out of these bad machines, basically and leave very very capable highly. Rated teammates gasping for air. But if you look at the years when he's putting the most troublesome 'cause this year well twenty eighteen against van dome. Every rice unstable call improvised destroyed in qualifying twenty four Ferrari arguments nowhere twenty twelve for remastered was nowhere and fan. Doorns driver. The previously was bracketed with ULA. Clegg's your Verstappen's seriously as a guy who is going to define the. The new era former Lonzo is buried in. But look when he came on much more strongly in seventeen second off the against Lonzo eighteen just just nowhere because Alonzo just picks up makes it.

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