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End units on on defense because as you see fourth quarter they'd give up fifteen points they're just having some fluky plays by miami that ended up getting them the win but You know the the groups through i mean given up fourteen points through three quarters. With kind of a patchwork group there You have to like a lot of the things that you saw there In terms of the defense there's ec trayvon henderson agonize game as well in the reception for twenty five yards a guy trying to make Make the team as a backup. Backup safety there. I mean he's been on off this roster for a while and at a nice night tonight Trayvon williams one return for twenty three yards not allowed to kick return punt return to action Here's trent taylor. You know the guy that was supposed to do a lot on on special teams air one one return for minus one yard dairies phillips did have a punt return but it was fair caught. So you know nothing. They're kicking game myo my this. This might be the best story from the bengals or the best performances from the bengals. In the preseason how they're kickers are playing and you may save big whoop but that is a big facet to a lot of different a lot of different Successes or failures really with a lot of different teams. In the bengals credit randy bullock had for him a good bounceback of the season at times last year after that debacle in week. One But you know at the end of the year the writing on the wall. The bengals were kinda healthy. Scratch them and trying to see what they would get out of other kickers and then of course they drafted at i. What has evan mcpherson did done this. This preseason i'll just been perfect. He's been absolutely perfect in the preseason for the bengals. I'm gonna play this one. This is evan mcpherson and This is the bengals twitter account fifty seven yards right before the half little blurry i apologize but fifty seven yards and he would have hit that from sixty five. I mean it hooks. But the power on. I mean that that was absolutely drilled drilled Fifty seven yarder here from evan. Mcpherson the bengals day. Three pick at kicker. He is looking like a weapon. It's it's going to be. I don't want to jinx the poor kid. It seems like the job is his. It's going to be interesting. Inevitably he will do all kickers missing extra point kick or whatever in the regular season. It's since he hasn't had that issue in a game in the preseason. It's going to be interesting to see how he can bounce back from that. I don't want to have to experience that. I hope he kicks. Perfect but You know sometimes. Rookie kickers and kickers. In general they just kinda like what you mark jason They get funk and it. It's a mental thing but You know right now. This kid is just playing extremely extremely well. And kudos to austin cyber as well who hit another field goal and in all likelihood you would think he's gonna be playing somewhere very interesting situation. Playing out here are the bengals trying to do some weird poker game where the hang onto two kickers and try and deal one For for draft acre another player. Or what have you. I don't know. But i i don't think they're gonna keep two kickers just based on the crowding of certain other position groups but it's just kind of an interesting food for thought type of thing if that's what they may do. I don't i don't see it happening. I really don't but the kicking game is looking quite quite strong for the bengals namely in evan mcpherson wet. He will bring as a rookie as a kicker mike. Ross in here says it's sad that our best player in this draft class is injured. Oh cy in our kicker yet. But like i mentioned cam sample is playing pretty. Well i think tyler shalva is going to have a role particularly as you see. The games developed against the afc north in those teams wanting to run the ball late in the season. Getting that big guy in there that's going to be You know we don't. We don't know exactly what's what's going on with deontay smith in his role going forward but he seems to be pretty promising. So there's there's some promising players. Jackson carmen seems he's still really on. He seems to kind of be on the upswing a little bit now we just gotta get chase catching in securing the football. A lot better and it sounds you know. Oh oh just. I mean it's a big deal but You know. I think. I think he'll be okay but that needs to remedy itself. Pretty quickly in there are other players in this draft class that You know will be will be contributing just a matter of how in when etc so it does also seem to me that kevin huber will be the team's punter drew crispin was activated but did not punt on On sunday night against miami. So kevin huber three hundred fifty yards total. They're one inside. The twenty. seems like this may be the last year they'll go. Hang onto huber. Trying develop chris and then maybe go from there but That's kind of the the tale of the tape in terms of stats and whatnot. Now there are just like. I said we can talk a little bit more about this before we get outta here but There are some hard decisions to be made by the bangles air. How how deep do you go on offensive line particularly in the interior. How deep go on the defensive line and and how can you generate a pass. Rush outside of sam hubbard outside of trey hendrickson. And how are you able to create a situation by committee to remedy the loss of aside. Because oh cy there's not there's not someone who has the athletic profile and overall raw in terms of who's left on this team but can you generate it with a conglomeration of hodge noah spence camp sample. I mean can you create something that comes pretty close in terms of potential production. That aside would have given you from a pass rush standpoint in like you'd like to think those guys are capable of doing that and they've been kinda showing it in preseason They've been showing it in preseason so there's there's a lot to be excited about. I know it's it's hard to say. Let's get excited after loss but it is a preseason laws after all not a ton of work by the starters and the guys that you wanted to show up and play well to grab a final roster spots to compete for a spot to compete for more time even though they have a roster spot locked up for the most part they played pretty well. They played pretty well. The offensive line is is far from perfect. I think there's going to be continued improvement as the year goes on. You may even see a different starting five later in the year than you do at the beginning of the year. But if you're gauging the sack. Totals through gauging. The quarterback hit totals if your gate gauging the pressure totals..

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