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Talk now you can still hear a slight hampshire twine. I muslims table again with his henry at indian. You know tokyo henry. They lived heat. They both married Again irishwomen had remarried nancy. Mary arrester she was from old for an anti married. Brita sheets tipperary Andy was like off your hand. Henry was very hello. Hi like you say about your but they were very kind of very different bolt. What still kind of very very proud of their roots. Very irishman Main fuss. it's fascinating when you when you hear like people's accents become the people go. What are you actually far you. Are you irish shore our. Yeah it's way. When you tokens people out got you can hear a little bit of the lute now then all the people all the people like now you scouts. So you're totally irish you Sometimes they got a little bit fended. All you've never lost directs like oh it's not because i don't want to just go to me that just i i like i like am. When was it that you felt part of dublin. Rather than just being from hampshire. Say i mean. I've always grown up. 'cause you moan dotted our adult Being on the north side on a it was always it was always a thing. I think in the you know when dublin were were passing this year. The curse was lifted You that that was a that was a fair kind of pride thing of of being a dope. Roger toll road really chestnuts for the indolent magazine alabama of italian ninety. And it's why. I o big jack. The price per pint and it was almost like he. He helped me rediscover my nationality. My love of being irish. And i suppose in a way. I think italian ninety did do that for a lot of people and and that's kind of what On the bucket that i've written a woman show about hem. I know famous football began. I mean we had grown up brothers massive liverpool funds so that was always I just wasn't radiance football. But when italian ninety hawkins at and i think like the the the the ethical that dole wrote and he was saying them arlanda Foreign completely was arms. You holiday cheer on t. r. was was something else it was. It was the eurovision song contest. It was done it was it was it was an you know all the tweet little things it was. It was the maury maury the continuity announcer on or they were from our we were from dominant. We are very different. And i think like over the as you know i was kind of i suppose the white because because i was so because i was bullied when i came up with switzerland. You know i used to get herodotus things. You're eating dispatcher. English egg in the stupid controlled. Even some of the teachers were with Know they sought lynn. That kind of anti-english way. You know what i mean. And i suppose like thrown off the the was almost like this poll between on the i think my mom's experience of groping ireland as opposed to her sister's experience because like when her sister went to liverpool. I see you will moment silence jfk the pope. It's you're walking. Tried irish household where it's like my moment in in england. I mean there was pictured satan She we were proud of irishness fully wasn't robbed in your face or wasn't the big i am. Ira type thing you know. What i mean is entrusted. I remember just kind of a pentagon Is that there was a black and white photograph of all of a sudden succumb to non..

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