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Can't wait. let's go roll. Roll row row. Your boat jen lee Sorry excuse me it's time for what's on stream. Hey man i'm so high for this one off so high because my good friend and packer fan movie. Big time movie director. He already put his foot. In justice. league does acts neider edition of justly the four hour addition which. It's all worth it. Now he has another movie coming out this friday. All my god i. This is going to be a good weekend. 'cause i love or movies and a lot of these actors in the cast list. I love these guys and girls. David batista is one. He is up his game since the first is a guardians of the galaxy. He has gotten funnier and and more entertaining as an actor from the rousing world. I i should have been a wrestler. Those the rock johnson and now david today they all be there. Great a actors in a in hollywood now. So that's what actually the dig. Is you think so. I should tell you. I'm a big wrestling fan. Went there s still time. Some people i got. Yeah so you don't want to go all the way on. That's a whole another tangent. We don't talk about this movie. That my men's zack. Snyder's dropping on. Friday is army of the debt is going to be in theaters and on net flicks low. If i'm a theater guy but a watch movies at home for year now. I'm definitely biased. To being at home. But there's movie like david batista ellie personnel or amari hardwick Big lists of actors and then one of my in and a guy. I had no list as he's a stuntman. And he's actually has an acting role of rich citron. Plays zeus and i think susan sambi one of the lease obvious and so if you remember back in two thousand eight two thousand seven two hundred. Six neither did Zombie movies in a day of the dead and these in his movie. The zombies or you know they're they're in shape and they're they're actually organized it can communicate to each other. They talk so you got zombies that are talking and they're not you know so they have brain activity is not just e e e is like all right. Listen organizers fight this used these guns so that's the type of battle that dave batista in his crew is coming up against in the army of the debt so a set place is actually shot in I guess i'm gonna give this kind of spoiler alert..

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