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Before biden takes office the justice department also trying to expand the ways. It can kill prisoners. We'll speak to sister. Helen per sean. One of the world's most well-known anti-death penalty activists is states. Shut down the death penalty and support by the american people for the death. Penalty is the lowest. It's been in thirty years. There's an unprecedented state of federal executions at the hand of the trump administration and attorney general bar. We'll also look at the case of lisa montgomery scheduled to become the first woman to be executed by the federal government in nearly seventy years. All that and more coming up. Welcome to democracy now democracy now dot org the quarantine report. I'm amy goodman cove in one thousand. Nine hundred cases continue to surge across the united states hospitalizations have topped ninety thousand for the first time. Four million new cases were recorded in november. Double the record set in october. Bringing the death toll to two hundred sixty seven thousand among the dead or over one hundred thousand residents and staffers nursing homes and nine states more than one. One thousand people have died of corona virus related causes since march. Experts are warning the worst is yet to come and the us could see some four thousand deaths per day. This winter post thanksgiving holiday. Travel could also lead to what the government's leading infectious disease expert. Dr anthony fauci called a super imposed surged. Health officials urge any travelers to get tested and take all necessary precautions to limit the spread of covid nineteen in medical news. Biotech company moderna is applying for emergency use authorization from the food and drug administration today. The second vaccine maker after pfizer and biontech to do so but as drug companies rush to get corona virus vaccines approved and on the market doctors and public health experts warn the distribution of covid nineteen vaccines in poorer rural. Parts of the country will be a major challenge due both to logistical hurdles and mistrust of the medical industry in legal news. The supreme court sided with new york religious groups who are challenging corona virus restrictions on gatherings. Joe biden has named the first ever all women white house communications team. Jen sacchi president obama's former communications director will serve as white house. Press secretary grange on pier. Formerly with the political organizing group move on. We'll be principal. Deputy press secretary kate. Bedding filled biden's campaign. Communications director will move on to become the white house. Communications director pilly tow bar who previously worked for the immigration reform group. America's voice will serve as deputy white house. Communications director on vice president khama harris's team biden's former campaign advisers simone sanders and ashley tin will become chief spokesperson harris's communications director respectively biden's also expected to nominate two women of color too key economic positions. Cecilia rouse who's african american princeton labor economist. Cheer the council of economic advisers and near attendant head of the center for american progress is director of the office of management and budget. Tannin would be the first woman of color. And i south asian woman in the role that many progressive jek to her playing a role in the incoming administration citing her organizations cozy relationship with corporate funders. Her record of antagonizing and undermining progressive democrats and her hawkish foreign policy positions meanwhile to alums from the world's largest asset manager blackrock will hold key economic positions. Brian diesel current executive at the investment giant will be biden's pick for the national economic council and wally the mo senior international economic adviser. Under obama will act as janet. Yellen top deputy at the treasury department. Climate activists have condemned the picks due to black rocks funding a fossil fuel companies among other issues. Joe biden is currently recovering from fracturing his foot this weekend while playing with his dog president trump's efforts to overturn the election results appear to be exhausted as he faced a string of defeats over the weekend lawsuits in pennsylvania were rejected both by the state. Supreme court and a federal appeals court and a recounting to liberal wisconsin counties ordered by the trump campaign cemented. Biden's victory there. Trump said for the first time he'll leave office if the electoral college votes for joe biden. Even as trump refuses to concede the election which biden won in both the electoral college and popular votes by wide margins trump was questioned by reporters thursday or refusal to concede including by reuters white house. Reporter jeff mason who trump then attacked between you. People don't talk to me that way. He just just lightweight. Don't talk don't talk of the president to the ever talked to the president that way in may trump mocked mason for refusing to take off his mask while asking him a question at a news conference. Meanwhile trump has turned on. Georgia's republican governor. Brian kemp is the state gears up for two senate run that will determine control of the us senate trump said he was ashamed that he endorsed camp as he ranted on fox news about losing. The georgia vote. Iran held a state funeral today for most sin a top nuclear scientists to is assassinated while driving on a highway outside of toronto friday. Iran accused israel of orchestrating. The killing which iran says may have been conducted by an automatic remote controlled machine gun placed inside an empty vehicle the iranian president hassan rohani said iran will retaliate at the quote. Proper time into live vashon sean. This brutal and cowardly terror attack showed. That enemies are experienced weeks having a weeks when they feel their stress is being reduced and global conditions are changing the many analysts say the assassination of iranian scientist was designed to make it harder for president-elect joe biden to rejoin the landmark two thousand fifteen nuclear agreement with iran which president trump withdrew from two thousand. Eighteen will have more on iran after headlines. If the opium prime minister said saturday his military had taken complete control of the capital of the northern tigray region capping a three-week offensive against separatists that forced tens of thousands to flee to sudan amid reports of mass atrocities ethiopian prime minister who won the nobel peace prize in two thousand and nineteen refused international demands for talks with the tigray. People's liberation front members that group accused ethiopia's military of shelling heavily populated areas of the capital mckelway. Iran held a state funeral today for most facade. The top nuclear scientists who was assassinated while driving on a highway outside of toronto friday. Iran accused israel of orchestrating. The killing which iran says may have been conducted by an automatic remote controlled machine gun placed inside an empty vehicle iranian president hassan rohani said iran will retaliate at the quote proper.

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