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To view all in a views, it was a nice RV`er, two, thousand nineteen Mercedes, or is it integral? Integral is that would've called? Technical Rv I. IF seven people you know man we were. We were to settle beat birth bernardinos rainforest. You know hiking out there. You know, went and saw some it. Look first of all I don't. I? Don't know many brothers that go hiking I did call it I loved it. I was away no cell service for a couple of days. It was good to be A. Good to be one with the earth and then went to San Diego camp land up there words by the beach. You know on the boats and everything. It was a good time. You should try some Co.. Yeah I've camped a couple times I I actually like hiking I'm a white guy, but just four daughters, a wife, a mother in long this is. Yes six women you listen. We love the women in our life, but even joyous smirking here. This is this is. Good for you. Good for me, calling us one of the reasons why? I can't wait to get back to the NBA season starting at that road again. We've had enough family time. I'll walk family top I love him, but those time for data good. All right, good senior by have a nice weekend. have an ice your week. Take care. Good stuff all right joy Taylor with the new. Turn on the news. This is the heard line news sponsored by Mercedes. Benz, the best or nothing. I liked I. I am not a camper, though yeah. I I'm I always had a theory on camping. Why pay a lower my quality of life? Well I think people like connect to earth and you know be out in the while I do too, but I liked bathrooms. Yeah, no, I'm with you I. I get what people want to do that. Yeah, I just don't have any desire to summer camp and stuff when I. But. It was still like cabins. I'm allergic to everything green also, so that's I worked in a state park as a kid. You have to clean bathrooms and a state park as a kid. Camping's not the lure of camping at lizards, but the hike part hiking is all three times the next four days. A hike for the day and back to your home. Yes, got your nature Utah's one of my favorite hike places in the country I I, yeah, for example, yeah, just not too high mountain and just high enough spend two hours hiking sweat. Come home. Have Corona in good. So, Trent Williams is getting a fresh start in San Francisco after requesting a trade in Washington. He will now be tasked with protecting Jimmy Garoppolo, and he's very excited to team up with this new quarterback. Jimmy D also he's. Proven quarterback win. In. This league is just hard to find you know. Put it back. To this and out, that's why. See contracts where they are having a quarterback that you know mate to write, read right through. I think that that has to be at hassle allow. Give him a chance to sleep at nights. have got to not. Throw the game away and. You know you put them in a for this. I feel like the the future of the NFL has. Right, now three solid teams that we feel comfortable could win well when the chiefs case another super bowl. But could win a super bowl within the next five years to me. That's the niners, the chiefs and the Ravens, and then there's like the rams are obviously we're in that conversation. We kinda what they are. They had to retool because they paid everybody. The cowboys, a lot of people feel like they have a lot of talent, but can they ever really get over that Hump? Now they have Mike McCarthy. So there's like tears of teams to me, but but the young. Young like assembled teams like maybe the buccaneers off a miracle or something like that, but to me like the future of the NFL starts with the forty niners chiefs in the ravens. Yeah, I just think they have I think they have quarterbacks now. Kansas City will change with reasonable contracts I. think you have really good coaches that align with their quarterback. Right and I think if you look at the history of those three organizations. The Hunt Family Andy Reid breadth. You just there. You got good. GM's. You've got good owners. You Got Smart People and and I I think in like new. Orleans is good, but they feel old quarterback. You Know Philadelphia. But across the team, yeah, I crossed my fingers Carson Wentz his health not. That's what I've said about Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay I think they're good. You. Start Looking at the top of the AFC and NFC. You Could See San Francisco Baltimore Kansas City respective conferences being up there for like ten years. Right, and that's my point. There are teams that are building towards the future like we feel great about the chargers roster, but we have to see what. It is you know I? I like the future of the dolphins. We have to see what to is like they're. They feel a few years off to me like those teams are going to be dominant for a while so big name NFL players are hoping to make a splash when they return to the field this year, according to Fox bet, Ben Rothlisberger is the favourite to win comeback player of the year in two thousand twenty plus. Plus to seventy five Gronk is a close second plus three hundred followed by Jj Watt, plus. Fifty, Matthew Stafford plus eight, hundred and eight, eight, green, a plus nine hundred I'll go Matt Stafford Matt Stafford well I think we forgot about him. I think he's talented and I think. He needed the Raskin. He didn't have a not a I think his body. He hasn't had the greatest protection. I think Matt Stafford Body needed. Arrest, I think I think JJ WATT is is is probably where I would put my money, but I think Ben. Rothlisberger is going to just because he is with the steelers, and they were on the verge of making the playoffs last year with Mason Rudolph and dot. Colleges are the reason why he has the best odd that Kinda makes sense to me. Eight eight green is interesting, but I don't think the bengals are going to win enough games for him to be catapulted into that that position I think he's going to have a good but. The overall team is not going to be good to get him comeback player of the year. We'll talk more about this joy chat today at three thirty eastern on caffeine, free APP download and subscribe at the Fox sports channel, so the giants have only mental playoffs once since their last super bowl win. The two thousand eleven's even. Isn't that crazy? New York giants. On them in the playoffs wants two thousand eleven. One thousand nine years yeah. It is it's they were? There are blood like there, but that's not good. No. We'll go say confident. The team can get back to their winning ways this year. Decided to back out there and play some football man I said my learning comedian I still feel really really good I love the direction. We're going in the organization they have. is to. Raid Organization that does everything great I'm closer now. We got to put together on field. give up saying something cure, loud, proud four, and and and give back to what we know the giant. There's a lot I like about the giants. Superstar and Saquon Barkley. They have their quarterback they have to. To really good defensive Lineman. There's a lot about the giants, but this year I just don't think is the year, and that's not their fault. There's a pandemic and I just I. Don't that's a lot? Put together new staff when you can't get everyone together until training camp I, don't know. Who Joe Judges, I've no idea now. Jim Harbaugh John Harbaugh by. The way was a special teams coach. He. Became head coach John Harbaugh grade, but generally there's this your big coordinator, offense or defense. You become head coach Joe Judge is taken more the John Harbaugh route. Which is? Just like Brian Flora's okay. You're the defensive side nine times nine years bell. That's that's the that's the way you go about it so when you bring guys that.

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