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It is partly cloudy. 49 degrees. Weather is brought to you by Howard Air. I'm Jamie West. Here's what you need to know. Right now. Hours before the federal government was going to shut down. President Trump signed the $900 billion coronavirus relief package last night. That includes $600 checks for most Americans. The president wanted $2000 checks. December marks the worst month for covert cases in the US since the beginning of this month. Nearly 5.3 million cases have been reported. That's roughly equivalent to 141 Americans testing positive for the virus every minute. If you see smoke in the far Northeast Valley, there's a fire burning east of the Bush highway in the Rolls O H V area. Christmas fire is 60 acres with 0% containment, no structures of threatened. You're never more than 15 minutes away from today's top stories on Arizona's news station, Katya er news Last night, President Donald Trump indeed signed off on the $900 billion bipartisan coronavirus relief package, despite his insistence that there was too much pork and not enough for direct payments to Americans. So why did the president changed his mind? And is there. Still a possibility of $2000 checks were visiting this morning with ABC News correspondent Elizabeth Schultz. See and Elizabeth first. What does this mean for everyday Americans is a really important bill. For most Americans here. This is $900 billion. Economic relief, particularly the $600 stimulus checks for many people making up to $75,000 a year. It also includes expanded unemployment benefits. It extends a moratorium on addictions, and it provides hundreds of billion dollars of aid to small businesses. And vaccine distribution. So this is something that, as you know, has been negotiated for months in Congress. The president delayed this process by almost a week by not signing on the off on the bill and finally came through a sign The bill last night averted a government shutdown that was going to happen tonight at midnight because this covert relief package comes attached to a much larger Government funding bill that will keep the government funded through September of next year. But they're still going to be some debate taking place right at the right. So today the House will be in session and is going to bring forward a vote on a stand alone bill for those $2000 stimulus checks that the president has been pushing. Democrats have said they're in favor of the measures. We've got an unlikely partnership here between House and Senate Democrats and President Trump pushing for bigger stimulus checks. We don't know if it'll pass the house and where House Republicans will come down. But the real question is what will happen in the Senate we heard from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell last night who think the president for signing the bill and avoiding a government shutdown He did not say anything about those $2000 checks that we don't even know if the Senate would bring this measure to the floor for a vote. There's already been a lot of opposition from the GOP that the price tag is simply too high. ABC News correspondent Elizabeth Scholesy joining us I want to play a covering quickly the president last week person pushing for those larger personal payments. I'm asking Congress to amend this bill and increase the ridiculously low. $600 to $2000. But the Elizabeth he still signed the bill without the changes. So what basically caused him to change his mind. While we know knows exactly what was going through the president's mind but a couple of different factors at play here. We know that lawmakers had been pressuring the president to sign this. Some of his closest allies in In Congress has said. That just needs to get done. For example, Lindsey Graham and said, the sooner that bill becomes law, the better. There were a couple of other critical deadlines that might have played into the president's thinking here. You know, on Saturday unemployment benefits for roughly 14 million Americans laps, so these had been emergency programs that were passed and they ended on Saturday, and that means that millions of Americans lost This critical government lifeline. It's possible the president saw that and said Okay, we need to get this back into place. And then the other big deadline was the government shut down. So that was going to happen within 24 hours of when the president ultimately signed this bill, and if he had inside it, certainly he would have been the one to blame there for a government shutdown. In the middle of a pandemic. So ultimately the president kind of sense is that this is coming. He put out a bit of an obscure tweet saying good news on the way. We didn't know what that meant given that there was no negotiations or changes from Congress on the bill, and ultimately he came around and just went ahead and signed this. With no changes to it in a form that was that ABC news correspondent correspondent Elizabeth Shows he joining us this morning on Arizona's Morning news. We'll see what impact The signing of the bill has on the markets when they open at the bottom of the hour. G T A R NEWS HEALTH update. The Corona virus pandemic may keep most of us working from home well into 2021 2020 was a year of tremendous adjustment here is burnout that came with Exhaustion.

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