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You guard the envy of the neighborhood while using a more thoughtful approach to the environment visit leaders C. O. dot com or call eight six six nine nine line and it's five twenty three for traffic and weather together the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes here's Laurie hi Jim you know I don't think it really explained it correctly last time what's going on in the blue line it's actually services suspended starting to day and that's going to go on until the thirty first may thirty first blue line between the airport and bowed and shuttle buses have replaced the train service between that spot there for fourteen consecutive days including both weekends and weekdays beginning again today through the thirty first so keep that in mind if you are a blue line user as far as the volume goes we're still in good shape haven't despot any problems in the traffic cameras everybody's moving along nicely so far and looking at some pretty dry roads we did have some drizzle in spots especially coming in I talked to some folks coming in on ninety three from New Hampshire they said there was drizzle in spots there but no major problems as far as that what roadways for us right now so fingers crossed it stays this way I'm Laurie grantee WBZ's traffic on the three now the WBZ four day accu weather forecast and it's brought to you by town fair tire as we go live to WBZ accu weather meteorologist Dave Samuel get cloudy skies across the area just some spotty light rain here and there like you heard of the traffic report that's what we will see you through the morning hours it should come to them by lunch time otherwise well the clouds out there throughout your Monday will have a high temperature anywhere from the upper fifties on the coast to about sixty five and what that will start to see some clearing as high pressure builds in tonight's live forty six will be a gusty breeze and that's a problem with tomorrow's weather will have that Brees with a high of fifty seven but at least of sunshine the partly to mostly sunny Wednesday with a high of fifty eight warmer weather by Thursday with a high near seventeen should be well into the seventies on Friday on accu weather meteorologist Dave Samuel WBZ Boston news radio hard today but right now those cloudy skies pretty damp out there in different spots but that is pretty much going to be out of here some pockets of showers will be fading away but nothing but clouds today fifty four degrees in Boston it's five twenty five her name brand tires town fair tire at the mall Michelin Goodyear Bridgestone Firestone BFGoodrich general Uniroyal continental more every name brand tires at guaranteed lowest price nobody beats town fair tire the the check now on New England business a lot of housing news expected this weekend Dave Caruso coastal capital in Denver saying obviously these are not the best of times what exactly is going to be affected when it comes to the numbers this week we're going to be hearing about existing home sales were gonna see housing starts permits the building permits and it's been kind.

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