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Flag twenty six year old man is not matching his passport photo. They had just installed this Monday. Bom caught somebody turned out the man traveling from Brazil with a supposedly French passport was carrying his real. I d from the Republic of Congo in his shoe. Now, Orlando international airport implemented the same software back in June there. If they caught anybody, they're not saying, but so so Dulles kind of lucked out in making this work right away. But there's a lot of talk about whether security is affective at airports or whether it's all security theater. There's a lot of talk about whether facial recognition is actually useful, would it would? Can it really provide any kind of security or is it just some kind of invasion of privacy? This is, but one data point that does not make a proof, but it is interesting. It is interesting. I guess it must have been inside his sock, right? Because he would have had to take his shoes off. I don't know. I don't know if had socks on, but the good point. Yeah. Well, there was a photo and it did appear that. But yeah, I, I don't know. Maybe he had TSA pre, but but. No, not if he's if he's French, she wouldn't add TSA pre. So that's true in a sock, you're absolutely right. Yeah, we, we have talked quite a bit, especially lately about how facial recognition for example, that's used by law enforcement agencies, at least a few of them in the US where there's false positives and people are worried about about the the legal implications of of of of folks who are being unfairly. Targeted, all of that stuff is extremely valid. And so this sort of story is sort of like, all right. Well, I guess if the facial recognition software had not been installed the much greater chance that the passport would've would've he, he may have gone through. We don't really know, but we do know that he was caught this way Tom. And I were having interesting discussions morning because I was like, well, okay, but I mean, if I walk, if I try to walk through TSA with a unregistered gun, I mean, I will probably be caught. So it's not as I I had, I had said, is this the first time they've actually caught someone. One being right before for a criminal violation at TSA and you're about guns, I'm like, you're right, okay. People get caught bringing guns through TSA, but my argument back to you was, but they're not necessarily intending to commit a crime. Most of those people forgot the gun was packed or or didn't realize, or you know, they didn't have intent to harm. You know, I mean no, and knives to like a lot of times people have knives and their baggage, etcetera. Of course. In fact, I have had not a knife, but you know, it was, you know, things seized through TSA that I was like, oh, sorry, I forgot that that was in there. But if I was intending to commit a crime than yes, something like facial recognition software, which as you mentioned, Tom, it's, you can't. You can't have an illegal passport. That's that's not. Okay. So that in itself is a crime. Even if this man who I do not know, wasn't tending to commit a crime after getting in the US or not. And then of course you brought up drugs and I'm like, oh yeah, no airport security catches drug smugglers a lot overnight. Here's so it certainly isn't the first time that they've caught a criminal, but it did somehow it stood out to me because there are no examples. I can think of where the security checkpoint stopped in attack that we know of other than deterrence. And I'm not trying to discuss. That, but I'm saying they didn't like find someone trying to bring something through and said, oh, you were planning an attack and we foiled it. That's that's usually not what TSA does usually TSA acts more as a deterrent and and it does catch these smaller crimes that we're talking about. So this felt big to me like, oh, it actually actually stop somebody while they were doing something wrong, right? And at genn it's it's if you have people who if I go through security and I've got by passport, I don't have any fake passports on me. At least right now, not just getting..

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