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Get behind because I can't get to the yeah couldn't get there quick enough for some recruiting so that can't be as a punk rocker I rejected Henry Sherman Cristo satellite because Chris rose actually so pleasant and upbeat yeah I am kidding Henri levy met a big culture changes down in Scottsdale man we'll get into all those really down there for a week you said again that catch phrase culture changes when you're in the mood to play some ball you should do some culture club all tumble for yeah our church is always in mind there's a lot of good ones sure to the in the church of the poll is in charge of the Kapler mind did you come down a Boy George I like of me to back him yeah back in the K. every songwriter lightly back I'm ready Kaplan cut Kapler Catholic Catholic Catholic Catholic a measly you go to did you have to get the get together give me all I know is dude mud Stroud might drop cap all Kapler Fauria there yeah there's a lot of leans better is a god of color god because it is and we don't know what to make of a man always changing his mower and sold and nobody knows and no disrespect was a good question but no disrespect I don't like you or the horse you rode in all I've heard what you've been saying again it's always called with no got it we gotta get into the Andre stuff on the other side with Marcus Thompson but yeah it's always interesting when clay speaks and one lake of speed of clay and I don't get a flake of I need more both so Andrea was they paid tribute to Andrea last night throw together because you knew he was gonna be a Miami Heat and then coming to town so it was like was this is like circle on the calendar for years or whatever in the pre game birth when the cameras caught him crossing paths to Raymond Ridder for the first all shake their that was awesome is good way and staff I guess neither will they both got nervous about having to go up there and speak or they were just goofing around and they rose him bowed and it caught on TV cameras and stuff just dusted him one two three Steph came out with so fast yeah.

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