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Adriana, a virtual party on We have extra content. Secret recipes. A video this week from chef Terry And this question coming from Andrea Ballard. She wants to know she saw some purple asparagus in the market. Is that better than green asparagus? And do you cook it the same. Any difference between purple so no. And yes. Go on. It's not any different into its just different in color, but it's not different once you cook it, and the flavor is exactly the same. Right. It turns green when you cook it. So of the flavors exactly the same. All right? I'm not quite sure where that comes from That purple thing I think it said maybe nine regions the hybrid of some sort. Yeah, alright. Lin McGregor from our Petri on, says she she needs to harvest six kohlrabi plants. Do you have any ideas? Six kohlrabi plants pick him. She's just going to hurt his harvest. Those get harvested, I think is what she's interested in. Sure. Yeah. Salad, kohlrabi salary You can do. Ah, Nice roasted. You can do a soup. The roast like a turn up just like him. So they met down. Basically, if another. Especially now there may be a little dry this time of year. No, actually, they're very moist, so they melt down. So i'ma be kind of reason. The meltdown. What are you saying, meaning that they have a lot of water contents of the differently much down, So it's it's great to mix kohlrabi and potatoes together into a nice mashed potato. Like a soft mashed potato kind of idea. I think I think if you're going to personally, if you're going to go that route, I like celery root or parsnips, or you have a little more flavor. If you're gonna have kohlrabi two potatoes to me, it's just going unless you've Roasted him all the way to a caramel. They're just gonna water out your potatoes. No, exactly. That's what I was saying is very moist so, but they do well as a recently so you just slice them and you just cook them in a little duck Fatto. Pork, fat bacon, fat, Whatever fat you have. They do. Really? Well, that way. Secretary would and pickled Obviously, you know you shred them. And you are you are you Julian them, But Ernie, whatever size you want to make them Then you've pickled them And then you would have kicked him out like you. Would any. Any vegetable cucumber Li come out whatever. Then you keep that in your refrigerator, and then you have them for many different garnish is called salads. Especially when you make like picnic baskets and everything you know, hot, boiling potato salad and then pickled. Um Vegetables on top, you know, and that's a Good idea for picnics and stuff like that. I like him shredded matchstick size into making a coleslaw type thing, especially with something that's soft right because then they're really crunchy. It's It's crunchy slaw. You have a better texture sometimes than a flimsy cabbage slaw. And then the the outside part of the of the vegetable is also usable. Green path, you know, generally leaves, you know, It's also nice you can sort it out very quickly. That on the side of a roast beef or whatever you're doing for for meat like a grilled steak, garnished. All right, Jim, are is asking. Do you have some tips for cold chicken like to have a picnic? It's picnic season. Finally, any idea for that cold chicken? Oh, my God. So many. I mean, I'm a big fan of wants one ball When you go pick Nick because I don't like to have The difference where I go picnic, But if you go to the beach or said, whether it's sand I'm a big fan of having just one big giant ball of with the entire salad in the balls, so green beans Chicken Cold Chicken dies green beans ob Oleg potatoes, put everything together Capers like a chopped salad very and ready to go. And, you know, bring you bread with you. And you and your bottle of wine. So you have to do is one moves. You just put everything on top of your bread. Initial sandwich just like that, And then like that way, I don't like to have too much work to do on the beach because I'm always afraid of. You know, the sun getting in the only thing I like to do. It's like if I'm bringing a pasta salad or something. Andi. I like my pasta salad with big chunks of shredded recorded salata. You know, Rygel leaves all that sort of thing. I like to bring the dressing separate, and if it's possible to do that, Just bring your dressing because by the time you get to the beach or the picnic area you're dressing has either soaked into the past and it's gone is wilted. All the other and goes on the bottom acid in it, and top doesn't have any. So you're better off even if you don't want to toss the pasta salad or something of that nature. You're better off just pouring the dressing on each individual portion on each plate just instead of trying to pre toss and this pasta really does kind of soak up a lot as it's it's absolutely Yeah. All right. Dave Nelson wants to know Tom specifically to you. If when you're out on the golf course you have a special snacks. You like what you eaten on the course. I generally eat beef jerky. I keep a couple of bags of beef jerky because the body like mine needs sustenance. And here's the other thing I'll say. Unlike my friends, a golf I walk and carry my own bag and you know, over a five hours period out in 80 degree or 90 degree weather, That's quite some workout work up. You've got to make sure you drink water and Each of beef jerky, you know, you know, my trick is on my beef jerky. I have some pretty fancy friends who belonged pretty fancy courses. And so like when I'm traveling to Arizona, North Huai with these guys, they belong to these clubs where they have all these kind of little food shacks on the golf course and everything I got. Yeah, I mean, so can I just drive the cart? Take a card. Get along. You gotta gotta carry candy is steady, but you go in there and you have all these small bags of beef jerky, and they've got bags, energy bars or whatever. I just load my bags so that when I'm in my course You know, I have. I'm ready to go on some of these courses today, Terry, Like when I was golfing down in Hawaii at a place called Tokyo. I think it is super fancy super exclusive. It was a benefit for Hawaii Junior golf so anybody could get on and Frozen margarita machines like I'm holding three. Hold on nine. I serve ice cream in these shacks and Yeah. Full bars in this crazy All right? You're next question comes from John Wiest some again for you. He is jonesing for some of that shallot mustard that you make are you? Can you get it anywhere? You open up the store appear. You know, I've been trying to tell people everyone's been asking. How could they help? Because you know, all of our restaurants are gone at this point, so I've always If you go online to Tom Douglas, you can go on to the rub with love of sight on and just buy something just order some. You can order that Shalit mustard right there. Right there. You get it at the warehouse kitchen. You can order it online. We'll ship it to you. You can go to met market are QFC places like that. Carry it. Ballard market. Shorelines Central, the mid market. They have a nice selection. I was there the other day, and they have a big problem. Douglas section like that on Eso. Yeah, that's very helpful. And of course, all of our rubs our knives. Everything that we sell is available on our website, Tom Douglas dot com and That shallow mustard We actually sell by the gallon to woo Really? That's right up. My.

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