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Sammy, Coachella Valley, California discussed on KNX Midday News with Brian Ping


Today at one eight hundred got bugs for free inspection or visit Stanley pest dot com your exports to fifty five more traffic reports more off of top ranking extensively newsradio today's gonna be our warmest day of the week as temperatures climb well above average into this afternoon even nearing triple digits for Sammy so get ready for seventies along the coast today eighties mid eighties for downtown the basin valleys inland empire high desert's upper nineties nearing a hundred degrees today excessive heat warnings in effect for desert including the Coachella Valley mountains you'll be in the upper seventies gusty northwest winds picking up tomorrow and into Friday courtesy cooling trend beginning tomorrow much cooler with highs below average in the sixties and seventies and a Friday and Saturday more eighties we warm up slightly Sunday into next week with southern California's most accurate and dependable forecast I'm CBS two meteorologist Daniel Kirsch can extend seventy newsradio contributors right now Pasadena eighty four degrees with eighty six now in Northridge eighty two degrees fair skies downtown Los Angeles at ten forty seven with the LAPD is getting some heat from some a UCLA faculty members upset about police using Jackie Robinson stadium to process arrested protesters inside the letters saying police deliberately crowded the protesters together and officers did not wear masks.

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