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You usa dot org or call 800 Teenage to learn more and get started on your greatest journey yet? Or traffic every 10 minutes on the floors with Marina Rock, ensuring the Dubin Law Group Traffic Center. A new problem in Everett North are part of the southbound five just south of North East 71st, a collision taking up the left center lane. South 25 just north of state route. 5 16, the Kent Des Moines wrote a disabled vehicle taking up the H O V lane. The big issue southbound I five South Center, a an overturned semi in a ditch, causing three right lanes to be blocked. Solid traffic from mid Boeing field to South Centre. This also is, uh, resulting in eastbound highway 5 18 being completely blocked to 405 northbound ch four or five Also solid out of rent him southbound Highway 99 is bumper to bumper traffic now coming out of the Sodo area down towards the First Avenue South Bridge. We did have the closure for boat traffic that's been reopened. We have a tough CH four or five in Bellevue, 5 22 Newcastle. It's quite difficult South. Then I fly from Highway 18 and five for its bumper to bumper and we also had and I think this one is clear. But it was westbound 16 mid span a problem, but I think that's cleared Those look at traffic sponsored by Snoqualmie Casino. Local rock legends Queen's Reich Return to the Snoqualmie Casino Ballroom stage on Saturday, October 23rd tickets are on sale now. S n o casino dot com Seattle's closest Snoqualmie casino. Next KOMO traffic at 2 54. A couple forecast now and weather stays very mild this week about 74 are high today. Low seventies again for tomorrow and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Slight chance of showers.

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