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And call Perry Financial Group 8755 88 87. Get out of risky investments. Get out of that Wall Street casino. Get all the details, read all the fine print. Call the number now. 88755 88 87 We talked a lot on safe money talk radio about how Wall Street is broken for the main street investor. It's ironic to me that the one thing that proves our point force the best is just looking at recent stock market performance. Folks, we're going to give you some really bad news that you're not going to hear from your stockbroker or your financial advisor that specializes in selling you risky Stocks. Risky bonds, risky variable annuities and risky mutual funds were taken back market from the highpoint October 12 2007 The Dow Jones industrial Average has only made about 5% per year. Could you believe that over 10 years of the ups and downs and roller coasters. Sleep with night biting your fingernails. Pain in your side 5% per year. The SNP standard import from the highpoint October 12 2007 only made about 5% per year. All right, we're going to take the NASDAQ over 17 years. The NASDAQ The NASDAQ only made an average of two per cent per year. Are you kidding me, folks? Why would anybody do this? It's crazy. If you need your funds, you can't be gambling. It's like being in Vegas and gambling with all of your retirement funds funds that you need to support yourself. When you retire, folks, this market could tank at any time. Black Monday, October 19th Tao in one day was down 22.6%. The S and P In one day Black Monday, October 19 was down 20%. Folks Don't do this to yourself. It's crazy, the last financial crisis The Dow was down 36%. The S and P was down 38%. The NASDAQ was down 43%. Folks, If you lose 25% of your funds in a financial crisis, and the next one is going to be big You have to make back 33% of your retirement funds. How long it's going to take you to do that. If you lose 33%. Guess what you have to make back 50%. That's insane. You can't do this. You can't run with the boys on Wall Street. It's dangerous. They will eat you up every day of the week. You can't do this Get into the fixed annuity with the 50 new to your earning 567 or 8% per year for the purpose of generating future lifetime income. While your money is insured, A fixed annuity is safe. And a 60 nudie. It's insured by a very large and highly rated insurance company, and it's very conventional. You could take all your funds term closed the account walk away. You could test on your front seat, a beneficiary very conventional, But you've got to get out of the risky stock market. The price earnings ratio. 32. It should be 16. It's double what it should be. It's crazy folks, You've got to get out. Get into the fixed annuity te safe getinsured fixed indexed annuities or designing the launcher needs for retirement income. They provide guarantees against loss of principle, accredited interests and offer the reassurance of a death benefit for your beneficiary. Early withdrawals may result in loss of principle and credited interested surrender charges. Any distributions maybe subject ordinary income taxes have taken prior to age 59 a half of one per cent tax penalty..

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