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So yes, it's always like a friend of a friend. I'm not talking about going to business meeting or something for looked me up on global. But it's like. Yeah. In case. Both names jog your memory. I'm a big deal. Smelled like Stevo is. Okay. I'm David Jacoby. And then if you also like, hey, I'm Jacoby then that's kind of do ain't disingenuous because it's not your name. But then they'll be used. But my car the longtime. I thought that was your first name everybody does. It's really cool. I name it is my parents are just not that not that. All right. Let's talk about your parents. Where'd you grow up? I grew up in Amherst, Massachusetts, a college town UMass is there and risk colleges. They're Hampshire colleges there. It's a it's a townie. You know, like, we're wherever feel go too big schools. Like, oh, yeah. I went to like the local high school in like a sixteen that going to the frat parties and stuff. What is your what did your parents do for a living? English teachers. I guess yeah. I'm saying those teachers why don't you know, very few English teachers my dad started like transition into like writing grants for Amherst college. It's like it wasn't an in classic with a chalkboard. Been the Mr. Jacoby. You know what I mean? But like, they they sort of like, they were English teachers, okay and academics. Yeah. And academics. People never go to college college. And there's never really leave never leave yet. I was tempted. I loved college. The academics part as well. As all the other good stuff. Were you a massive sports fan growing up huge huge sports fan growing up at older, brother? Doesn't thing happened to be like pretty good athlete? You know? So I could I could. I think kids I've got kids kids like what they're good at. You know what I mean? So I was good at it. Which kind of like fueled the thing and like I lived in Amherst, Massachusetts where like Larry Bird was happening and the eighty six Red Sox. So I kind of caught I caught like some really nice teams when I was at that like eight nine ten year old age, which is like when you're very impressionable when it comes to like watching sports and the old tube. Right. And so what did you play? I've played basketball was my main thing still my main thing absolutely love with basketball played football in high school. And I also played baseball grown up in the league stuff. I played one year of the cross, which is the sport. I'm probably best that. Yeah. Like, I was good at it. I played in ninth grade. And I within the next routine to twenty dollars a team to the varsity team and then spring of sophomore year, I got mono, and then I couldn't do anything. And then was it junior year? I was like, you know, what it's nice out. There was gonna chase girls. And hang out. You know what I mean? Like, maybe I don't have to be in a sport like the entire school year. So that's kind of where my priorities lied when it came to the spring sports. And was there any interested in playing in college? No, you know, I went or otherwise. Yeah. Exactly. It not a lot of letters. Not a lot of letters coming into the mailbox know what I said. I was good at him. Good good. When I was like twelve. Yeah. Exactly like grading on the curve. Exactly. A feeder system to the big universities that Nola college coaches in the old bleachers that the Amherst Amherst high school basketball games. Not a lot of people the bleachers at the.

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