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I should have let her know a little bit more about what was going on. Okay. Do we have time for Mary from South Carolina? Mary be super-quick. We're running out of time. Hi, they had takes Jamie. Hey, what's your question? Roklin okay. Hannah. How do you feel that captain plenty said that from that after this charter your relationship over. So Sunday I have actually set how to chat. We have issues. We both apologized to we're in a really good place now. So that's a good thing. Hopefully they'll still be a good place after the reunion. Absolutely. In your opinion, who is worse charter guest by far the crazy right. Had that woman only gold. Yes, the nuts. Yes, twenty five minutes though. That's I mean with all due. We don't respect this time to wait for it. And of course it is. They will also ask him for that. All right. It's time for my day goes to Kylie Jenner who launched her own Instagram face filter today, allowing fans to virtually try on her makeup. Just remember if you look like highly Kris, Jenner will come after you for ten percent. Tonight's shock logos to the fact that since the notorious r. b. g. announced yesterday that she's going to be spending at least five more years in or supreme court seat. People have been offering up their Oregon's on Twitter to keep her kicking even longer yet not one of you have offered up your liver to really in this. Than RV zero organs. I would've they Hannah Casey. From below deck, Mediterranean Tuesdays at nine umbrella behind the bar. She is in smokey Joe's cafe it stage forty, two in New York City. At least I'm. Jamie, where do you live? South Africa. Oh, you do like that's where you live? Right at this moment. Right. Where you calling. Is any from Toyo Hieaux any. What's your question. My question is Casey. I was wondering if after the turning season, you got any of the skills to match receive e. That's a question for Hannah. I believe what I did. I mean, she said she would use me as a recommendation, her Brooke, both it. So I would definitely recommend further positions. Maybe notice it was trying to vision that definitely Streep true. school service, but. Phones caller, what's your name and where you calling. Try. I'm Lindsay from Maryland. Hey, which question. I love you guys. I love everyone. Great. My mom's. So I end e. Questions. Three girls are any of you in a serious relationship right now. No. Where does she live is serious realistic. And even last call that I call her what your name and where you calling. Hi, it's any from quakertown PA. Hi, Andy love. You. Love you bomb. I wanna ask him in the woman. He looked gorgeous, how many hours of sleep do really get. And the second question is, what is the craziest request you've ever gotten. So the first part of the season when my little one was down, I was getting about four hours a night sleep and the craziest like how badly we rated. Here's Jay. Yeah, so I had a Chata guest from the Russian mafia once request a little bit more than a bid to. So that was probably the craziest request. I had been dotty and I gave him up and I knew voice. Money. Thank you ladies so much. Everybody. Thanks for listening to the podcast. Everybody hope you enjoyed the show. Remember new episodes. Go live Monday through Friday at four PM eastern time. Make sure you're subscribed have a great rest of your night.

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