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On the top line. Again, again, I like steam. I don't know why that wasn't. I don't know why I just sent it to Providence the way they did. He sent because of they felt this game stalled, correct? Pretty much, yeah, which you would think that it's a pretty quick antidote or a quick fix to putting him with Martian burger or give him a bit of a boost. But I mean, I guess I could see the argument there in terms of you don't want to disrupt one. Taylor hall is playing very well. So I think you have to keep him with pasta right now. I think that's essential. And then I guess the quickest easiest fix would be putting Craig Smith back on that top line, but I think the bruins really want to commit to see how this third line kind of gels with Frederick Coyle and Smith because even if maybe they're not lighten up the stat sheet, I think you'd look at the eye test the optics of how well they're playing. That's a line that could be a difference maker in the playoffs when it comes to possessing the puck throwing their weight around. Look, for example, that first goal from pastrnak on Monday against Colorado, where they didn't factor into the scoring, but that whole sequence started because they were hold on to the puck for over a minute in the offensive zone. So if you're able to keep that wine together and they continue to get traction and you have to imagine whether it's Frederick who had a couple of great a looks against Colorado, he starts burying those chances and raises his value. If Craig Smith, who seems like he's been due for a goal for months now. Sticking to their game that third line, sooner or later those chains are going to convert, not to say that they're going to be a line that's going to be pantsing the opposition. It's not going to be like, you know, the Tampa Bay third line of goudreau and Coleman and those guys, right? But if they can still be a very effective third line kind of similar to what it was in 2019, you got something cooking there. So I understand maybe the hesitancy to put Smith back up there. But whether it's the breast right now, Steen or maybe it's someone you acquired the deadline, you have to imagine there's still kind of that hole there in that top line that you have to fill because right now I don't really think you want to disrupt that middle 6 grouping. No, I agree. Do you remember this is a long time ago? Maybe you've seen the video maybe you haven't. I forget what it was just like a random ice sheet. Like a rank and I don't even know where. And there was like, it looked like the thing that they do that sport where you shovel it along. Curling, little curling, like it looks like a puck, but it's really fat. And do you remember the video where the guy comes in and just takes a slap shot with it, and it goes straight through the net, goes through the glass and then lights the snack shack on fire. Have you seen this video? I don't believe so, but it's for people who have. You painted a very heavy picture, though, Evan. Very vivid picture. That's how I imagine Craig smith's first goal to go in. It's going to like, he's going to shoot it through the net. It's going to go through the stands. She's going to take out everything in its path..

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