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Is good news. Very good news. The 2020 NFC East has officially clinched not being the worst division since the 1970 merger. Hold on. How long How possible the NFC East currently has a record of 1932 and one which is a winning percentage of 3 is 75. 2008 the NFC West had a record of twenty-two forty-two and O. Which is a winning percentage of 344 which is worse so that I remember that yeah, I remember that that was terrible. It's funny is like 6. It seems like it's been consistently the best division in football. Yeah. I mean there's owners and upcoming team and and obviously you have the Rams you played in Super Bowl San Francisco the Cowboys upcoming appointment that's going to be fun. Yeah, and then of course the animal and then of course you got Seattle. Yeah seems Sunday is going to be fine. We get Mike Nolan who's going to get the face off against a home She and Him often said, I'm not excited about that. Yeah, the two tight-end sets run the ball down your throat. That should work out. Well for the Cowboys Rush defense. All you gotta do is throw into motion and they're confusing they need to do yeah. Yeah, we saw Baltimore do that. Yeah. This kid game could get ugly. And you know, I'm I guess I'm ready for that this point. I mean, there's still a wage half quote unquote for the Cowboys make the playoffs but at this point, I'm just be best to take this 2020 Cowboys team out back and Yeah, the graphic just take the 2020 Cowboys out back and take a shotgun to it. Yeah, Old Yeller the the catalog. Absolutely. Yeah. It's probably that time. I don't know if you caught this on earlier this week Randy Gregory had some comments. He spoke publicly. I don't think he's dead spoken publicly at all yet this season. And so this is kind of his first public comments and I mean not much to take away from them other than just, you know, insightful human stuff really quite frankly and When you hear him talk about some of those things that he brought up. The struggles and and and things of that nature. I I think fans cling to that more because now Randy Gregory has made himself relatable, right? He's humanized himself because whether you agree or not people looking football players in a different light than they do people. I mean because they do these great athletic things and they do all these things on faith build when he comes out and he speaks about the struggles and and everything that he's gone through now, he's more relatable and that just makes him a bigger fan favorite than he already was. Which I didn't think was possible cuz Everybody Loves Raymond Gregory, but but to do the say the things that he's gone through and you know, I really feel for him because I have felt those same emotions that he's feeling and so, you know, it's very interesting to hear him. Say those things and know I applaud him for having the strength to say those things much like I applauded the strength of Jack Prescott to talk about his issues..

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