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I didn't care a baby care i. He didn't care. I don't care what people need to people. Need to hear you say broad. It was stupid. I this whole shit. I'm just turned off by it. I'm distinct jerk on. Mj for dying in the withering in withering rain. It's not it's not for me man. I guess i'm older. I m i look at this as funny or entertaining Just nights cringe krige. I i don't know what they doing. Why does it even matter. What's the fucking. What's the payoff It's it's dumb. It's just excite filler for show when like guys can we book these guys to be fucking matches or some shit like come on. Yeah i wanna see. Mgm versus Senator bars we can talent man if you could put fucking lax versus. Oh i'm proud of powerful versus fucking top-flight like come on man facts agree it's true. It's true Actually orange cassidy defeating kip. Sabian in a quick bout it was It was okay. it wasn't bad it wasn't good. It was okay At the end of the match with miro rushing to the ring and clotheslines cassidy s will be getting mirrow in orange cassidy in the future The match was okay. I guess in the mattress. Cool but the end i guess this bill ramiro and orange cassidy read you like do you like a miro right now. No horrible what they do with them because he's doing it to himself. Whatever yeah exactly In the back cameras corden altercation between jade cargill. The girl who got called heffer last week And stop the brand brandy roads inside a folding chair. Not a rosen vickie. Guerrero held back officials as big swollen. Red velvet and serena deeb ran into protect brandy. I guess we're going to have to watch that. Painstaking match rather see jade cargo versus brandy road soon and i what i want acid in my fucking is are you read. What do you think the build of the nobody wants. Yeah it's gonna be nobody acts for. I'd rather see. I'd rather see disco inferno versus shaquille. O'neal this shit like any day of the week like calm on Cringe just terrible John silver announced that energy will compete against the cuddle sheet for the title next week. Why i have no idea energy. I haven't seen any energy. Even russell assault focus. She getting a championship match. Probably on dark whatever This happened because mr brody lee demanded the opportunity due to jay winning. Four in a row and breaking its oh. Jj's smith winning on on dark. How do i know that. I need to watch a different program to understand the reasoning behind these matches it. Just it's so stupid so stupid What else we got. We got the contract signing between kenny. Omega and jon moxley. John moxie couldn't show up because he got hurt in the back. Kenya mega comes out looking professional with the women in the rooms. Geico.

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