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Itunes podcast channel religion important halsey as always takes no institutional position on matters of policy. We're delighted to have dwight bashir and elizabeth cassidy with us today to talk about the two thousand twenty one report on international religious freedom. Dwight bashir is director of outreach. And policy you serve the. Us commission on international religious freedom where he oversees congressional communications and outreach efforts while it used for sheer has led or participated in numerous fact-finding missions internationally as traveled widely throughout the middle east africa asia and europe before joining usurp you work with the united nations and the institute for multi track diplomacy on conflict prevention With the us department of state advisory body on religious freedom and tolerance and reconciliation and with the behind the united states and other non-governmental organizations advocating international human rights elizabeth kathy director research and policy at usurp where she oversees research and publications development and promotion of usurps policy recommendations. She conducts periodic training sessions for officials from the state department homeland security and justice departments and served on the state's department religion and foreign policy working group in two thousand fourteen to two thousand fifteen on. She's also worked as a legal consultant to human rights. Ngos nambia and talk harasses at the university of nam nam namibia and princeton university and seeing hall university school of law so dwight elizabeth thanks very much for being with us. You have just issued this report on religious freedom It would be great if you could take us through your your findings and recommendations said dwight when we first turn to you good afternoon. Thank you uranium. Thanks to the council on foreign relations for providing this opportunity to discuss The commission's key findings and recommendations from our twenty second annual report The report released just over a month ago. Provides a snapshot of where religious freedom is improving or endanger and what the us government can do to encourage positive change key findings recommendations and analysis for each chapter represent insights and information gain through numerous areas including use of hearings fact-finding trips research meetings with government officials both in the us end abroad Human rights advocates in religious leaders. The annual reports main focus is on two groups of countries. Those that you surf recommends the state department designate. As countries of particular concern or cpc's and those of the use recommends the state of bahrain. Place on its special watchlists under the international religious freedom act of nineteen ninety eight which created us and the state department office. Cpc's are countries whose governments engaging or tolerate systematic ongoing an egregious violations of religious. Freedom especially watch list is for countries where the violations me too but not all three of the systematic ongoing egregious tests For cbc status this year our report covers twenty six countries based on twenty twenty conditions. We recommend fourteen of these countries for safety status and this includes the ten countries that the state department has already designated c b c's most recently in december. These are burma china. Eritrea iran nigeria north korea pakistan. Saudi arabia tajikistan and turkmenistan. In you serve believes the state department designated four other countries be seats. Those are india russia syria. And we recommend that. The state of our maintain on the special watchlist two countries cuba nicaragua and add ten other countries to that lists afghanistan algeria as her by john egypt indonesia iraq kazakhstan malaysia turkey. And.

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