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The view was putting on a built bar sketch. Yeah no Jimmy kimmel has live in the name and it stayed at like three pm. Well here's the thing about live. People don't realize like when we switched over from You know went to kind of this live show at this link. Yeah i would get out of here and just be like exhausted because the entire time you are there is no cut. There isn't like hey. Let's that from the top again. Hey let's let's. I forgot the fact that i was about to quote can we. Can we go back and insert something right. There is none of that. You just have to be on a and to give you an idea hours. People like well am radio Let me give an example. Someone who's one of the best to ever rush limbaugh rush limbaugh never had to go more than twenty minutes without at least five minute break. Yeah wow you look at the radio. Yeah now that makes sense. What are the radio breaks. They're they're the short break. Is i want to say five minutes and we would have some seven eight minute breaks on the hour you know and it was about sixteen minutes of commercials in any given and that's not just it doesn't matter how big your audience is breath. Local businesses have to run those commercials. So i tell you this doing two hours like this is way more difficult than when it's exhausting radio. It's far far more content. If you're doing three hours am radio. You're actually doing about an hour. Twenty yeah with a lotta breaks but we love doing it because we had these conversations that were just so much. Fun me you in dave and in your dad and quarterback everybody in this room. And we're like how do you capture. That kind of energy had new hampshire that kind of fun just sitting around listening to us talk and sometimes you may be like whatever he's talking about sports at soccer who cares right but then another time a random joke comes up that if it was a program that was scheduled and rick prerecorded would probably never have come up now. This hilarious moment happens just naturally and you let it. It's yeah it's it's it's a lot of fun and also learning on. I didn't know that much. I didn't hear anything i smelt. I just knew that whole statement. They were poor swimmers and we need to accommodate them a lot of these guys today. Doing radio aren't they. Isn't there podcast. Just the same thing really the audio podcast radio show. Yeah yeah just packed different. There's nothing there's nothing wrong with that. It's just not what we do now. The amount of preparation is very different. And it's it's been Look it's been a lot of to to try and be ahead of the curve and to try and make sure that we can still have these conversations with you. And i will say it's a pretty cool community. I honestly don't have as much touch with you as as some of the other folks here because I just don't have as much time. And so i don't get real. That's kind of nice. yeah. I hate airports. The costumes are great but quarterback this this environment you created studios pretty good nice. It is tremendous in its health scape alike resemblance to well. That's been schrool appropriation month again. Stay tuned set your notifications on if you're on the blaze here too because there will be a lot of long form content going on this month july will not be live. We'll be back to first week of august with new not ticker ribcage. Four might take cage..

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