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Oh what a blessing. It is to be here with my friends november. I it's november boys. Weird dinner right now. What do you mean just came in really like professional there. What a blessing. It is to be here with my friends november. I in the hallmark. That's exactly right Philip balancing at the start of the service. Happy to everyone's they don't trust you to give the sermon. But you're there to do the. I'll do the announcements. Yeah we had such a wonderful time tree trunk or treat to of course salvations. But that's not why we did it. Can i get a name man. How many of you here in the building this morning are here because of the trunk or treat of you. That is why we this we. That's okay and i gotta be honest. I've been around a lot of trunk or treat my day. And i've never heard of pastor say no salvation but that's not. Why did it amen. That's a new pastors. Just overly oddest. He needs in any situation. It was like a bunch of our youth group went to the greenville. Drive games. no salvations. But that's not why we did food. Yeah that greenville agreeable driver at their main park in greenville. It's exactly right fenway. A fenway also opened for 'em show leading new am Fairway the track now. I like baseball. They got wall. Say m saying they hit them bomb with a bat. We can't play the rest of the i really profane. He does this little symbol although only causes. What's not filthy is yet agreeable guys man. I'm so excited we you know. We were over the the end of october hump. Hope it is. I don't know is we had. The marathon is that he had the book relief. Okay okay. we've done four movies. That's not my might homes my lovely brandon lungs. Check it out. Don't like it. don't let me uncomfortable what. I'm trying to get tenth of the movies. It's not about the movies on the hall about. We did the marathon yes. We did the birth autism and taking these notes. It's not about the movies. It's not about the movies got a marathon. Did we then released a book. Yes and now. We're here november. We've passed the first hump. The holiday season is made up of baby humps. Okay i just firmly disagree. There is one hump and that hump is thanksgiving week. And once you're over it you feel like life is easy right. Am i wrong here. You're not wrong okay. The november i hump get outta here. Page come on what are trying to get at is. Our book is out. Our book is out to read it from start to finish hump at all. No no no no. It's it's breezeway. I like the book. The big book feels. Yeah Tonight ten you should go get a copy. Yes in your local bookstore. Doesn't have to order. Give them a very hard easier. Mind say listen here local books. This is actually true. This is actually true. We got an email from From baxter went to his local bookstore Clammy book emporium and. They didn't have our book and he recorded the odd of giving giving clammy who's working red does a hard time. we have that clip turkey that clip welcome reclaim. What can i read you for baxter. Comebacks sure we got a lot of books here. It's an emporium. i don't know if you heard. Do you have arnold stein. i got all of 'em cohen out. Josh on number. Forty one yeah. I got that one. Too copies. Stephen king o i got older kings Stevens and what do you have well. Here's one yeah okay. I'll get home for christmas movie. i'll be home. Who's all song never heard that movie. Let me look it up on our. we're tarrant can you look again. Looking dead tariffs dirty. Sure you take your okay. we'll back. I'm afraid we don't have it. I will give you a piece of. I'll be back tomorrow. We still will not have it. Get how many days twelve days. That's reasonable one of the worst clips videotape. His email said he of his mind that he could not has been kind. He was yeah he was not a really kind twelve. Days does not sound reason as a matter of. Oh my gosh act trip to send the plane that clip those clip Wait don't we vet the clips beforehand trace. Yes what was the question. How could you have listened to that. And thought it was worth that was worth putting us beforehand. We'll do i go to vets answer yes to why because they served our country. Okay what do you mean you go to avenge that is served. Our country doesn't help here. It helps any other scenario here. It does not else Last but not least we are over the time but there's many hopes to come and nothing makes the humps easier than our good friends at university homes. Make sure you subscribe university It's the best that you can have throughout the holiday season were even inbetween boxes. I order more snacks from the store. The store lifestyle. I liked best. I would say one of the best christmas gifts if you have people that are picky or or whatever they love it. They love the six month subscription to the university of every month. You're giving them food that they can't buy here not it's the ultimate subscription right. That's the thing that they want. It's exactly right. The thing that i want and do no it is to diving. Today's movie. which is christmas and harmon yet is which originally aired on october twenty nine twenty twenty one and win a little something like this harmony works. For a record. Label supersonic records supersonic supra. Yes s. u. p. r. a. What's that. I have.

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