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Getting Christianity a whole lot of aspects of Christianity. So we're talking to fill took Mitt Anglican Baptist pastors and every time. I got there and ask questions. I'd find that they wouldn't pick up the bottle and start to say. This is the answer Monday brother. They would just start answering. That would just answer from their own opinions and I started to realize that there was a lot of interpretations of Christianity and a lot of people had their own interpretations and one priest from one church was believing one particular aspect of creation and whilst another was proclaiming other so I think to myself the Bible one text but there seems to be different interpretations and it was confusing university. I was working at a service station. Montagne jobs and one of the one of my colleagues was a Hindu who is an Indian Hindu and we'd regularly changed shift and that time I was very inquisitive and outside away wants to deal with the elephant. Head guy you know what's the deal with? Why is that going to elephant hit? And he's got this couldn't even in lion's head or something it'd be real really famous. People were born pitcher. And I'd be saying but why behave fun bucks of guests eggs? My problems and again found that was very hard to stomach so are waiting to had a good friend of mine with a moment This religion actually appeal to me the most of all of the Christian religions. The Church of leaded is signs though streaked. They don't drink alcohol They they don't drink caffeine's unfortunately coug sale. Another advise love coke but again you know there was that lane to fight to embrace this religion and I found. That wasn't just into making a leap of faith. I wanted to prove I also. I miss the days in which you believe and my original nine before Beckett is Rueben so if you probably say all the movies he's saying Rubenstein at the end they'd probably thought I was Jewish so I thought this is one of us but again just didn't find what I what I was looking for. Lastly I'd probably looked into Buddhism fan. This was probably the the religion that I was going to choose. I thought this is great. You know there's so much you know people people at pace here same to be really switched on. Thanked me leaving one with the world. And that's what really appealed to me but the more and more I looked into it I guess I realized that it wasn't a religion of God just to live one of my friends. One of my friends who's a Christian would gym believe said. Tell me religion that you've investigated so. I went through the message. Judaism Christianity Buddhism Hinduism. What about slim? Slim terrorists gonNA miss the guy that religion crazy religion but lo and behold. Fm was looking into a mosque. Wanda this eternal quest striding shoes on straight across the railroad train strike as he went.

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