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Celebrating one hundred years invested here. And now, here's Washington Fed's Brad Goode. Good morning. Apple under pressure as CEO. Tim cook has warned investors to expect lower sales from the holiday quarter, and he's blaming trade. Tensions and a slowdown in China. He says it would be primarily due to lower into speed iphone sales throughout China and fewer upgrades and other countries. The company now expects revenue for the three months ending in December to be at about eighty four billion dollars. That's down from an earlier estimate as high as ninety three billion the tax credit that incentive. Many Americans on electric cars is phasing out in two thousand nineteen. Meantime, tesla is stepping up in cutting its prices in the US by two thousand dollars as the electric automaker. Sees the end of the federal tax credit for buyers back when that incentive began tesla buyers could get seventy five hundred dollars in credit for purchasing plug in electric car. As of January first buyers will only get three thousand seven hundred and fifty bucks in July. The number will be cut in half the credit ends in twenty twenty. So. Is the economy slowing or not we do know jobs in December looked quite strong private payroll company? ADP reports two hundred seventy one thousand jobs were added far ahead of estimates. That's good for business on KOMO news. And President Trump has described the market selloff as a little glitch. But the warning from apple has apple stock down nine percent this morning and the numbers for the rest of the markets are not much prettier. You share? You want them? The Dow is down five hundred thirty four right now at twenty two thousand eight hundred s and p five hundred down forty nine that's almost two percent. And the NASDAQ is down about one hundred sixty three that's two and a half percent. We'll try to distract you something. More positive coming up next door trivia contest. And a look at traffic and weather. Komo news time seven twenty one. Information.

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