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Main to oregon and so caldo floor villa martinez this questions calling him a question was there jack fire still has the two freeway closed between glendale a glendale freeway and sunland fell apart now it is the largest fire ever the only fire chief says at least five thousand acres of burnt so far although the burbank fire department estimates that diverse actually eight thousand acres which is coming in are absolutely horrific this is a recorded seven one quake south of mexico city in an area that he's built on a lake here's the real tragedy that we know so far in the town was actually practicing rails five coin sirri really visit realty rarely see hotter direction it obviously flowing feed it thursday why don't want to be out in the middle of that stewart horses over there is continuing to blast corpus christi is spent martinez the way like me fresh every day nine to noon eastern sixty nine pacific welcome back america in a we think of the devastation whether the fires and the west in earthquakes in mexico hurricane still texas people still lest we forget still dealing with the devastation of harvey and erma in in the east in florida and i was just got a note from gary leblanc and they're on their way to puerto rico you i don't know if you saw the photo mieno from from space from the satellite of puerto rico before beat before the hurricane came through and then after words i mean in this dark in other absolutely devastated there and of course you have the governor puerto rico as saying that the trump administration has done a great job the mainstream media of course because there are anti trump looking in every exception saying you know what is going on i mean trying to turn this situation of puerto rico see this is the thing that's galling you know it's bad enough that you got this kind of issue that is taking place but this is the ugliness of politics we've come down to what scott was talking about this tribalism you know instead of you know coming behind in supporting the leader of the free world and making his job easier everybody wants to stick not everybody but the anti trumpers want thicker as thicken the spokes of the president and this administration to.

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