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Yes. Indeed you are listening to download this show. My name is Mike Fennell. We will have taken joins joining us in a few minutes, but before we get there Claire Riley from seen it, we'll come back, I think. So having me as we go to where today four billion dollars is what the combined worth of Fairfax and non into time company will be if you haven't seen the story earlier this week, it was announced that one would be for all intents and purposes taking over. It's like fifty. One percent forty, nine percent. We're talking about domain the Sydney Morning, Herald the age, STAN non. Now, all of radio interest, MacQuarie media, all coming together in a massive, massive deal that I think clear not a lot of people so coming. I was kind of blindsided by it. I saw him Benjamin law tweeted out that, you know, gosh, I got off the plane and I guess I write for channel nine now on, yes, it's super interesting. And I think it was probably in the works for a long time. Time, but it's really just come out of nowhere. And I think it's a similar to a lot of deals with saying around the world at the moment with AT and t. and Time Warner over in the US Disney, trying to buy everything. It's going to be interesting to say how a kind of a legacy broadcast player and a legacy. Sheet from shape how play together. But obviously, I think being in the media industry, ALPHA's Lord is what happens when they find those inevitable synergies. What happens to all the jobs because you would definitely Fairfax is kind of pushed into the new media space. So has nine Oviously playing online and so forth. So they would be a lot of people like video content producers have a dicey future overseas a very stressful time for people that work in media organizations, but there's a bunch of potential impacts that I think are really interesting to explore. So one of the things it's loss us is that in an effort to get greater impact for fifth, x investigations have often partnered often with places like four corners. Full disclosure, mighty show on the fade has often partnered with Fairfax on investigations. One would assume that one of the potential synergies them in this deal is that I can now do that directly with the broadcast partner, which is the nine network's joint, Fairfax corners, invest. Negations presumably become nine news, sixty minutes investigations. Fairfax. I mean, demanding the block. They get a partner up straight away. It's like a marriage made in blood marriage. Yeah, it's, I think that's interesting, but it's also kind of disappointing because the quality of journalism that's been coming out of those v x, four corners join investigations has been incredible and not to say that you don't have that quality and caliber of journalists over on the Nine Network, but obviously being a commercial network, it's got different things at play. And I think there's going to be a question of whether we say that hard hitting journalism continue. It's one of those things where we do have to ask, what will the rate is in the view is get out of this and what will they lose out of it? And I think plurality voices in the media landscape is certainly one thing then. It's interesting also because nine have invested so heavily in digital in the last couple of years in a really big why we're talking about the future women, nine Honey, that whole suite of non brands. They've also had podcasts and all these other areas also interested in the impact on on advertising as well, because there's been some partnerships developing between nine, Fairfax and also new school in the in the last couple of. As well. Yeah, that's right. So the end of last year they announced thou going to be working on a kind of a program to target. Individual uses. Internet uses through anonymous ID's. So saying that you Marc Fennell, you love watching US batch it on nine Honey, but you also, yeah, right and catch up..

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