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It's her birthday and making sure that they recognize the other kids and some of it does just happen naturally and it's fun to watch watches those relationships row our mother the original good grandma. She did grandma's camps to she called them. Can't grandma and to this day my oldest her was so my my mom's grandkids came in sets of three so she had three hit each of the grandma's camps and those three oldest girl's Who are now mothers. And it's just it warms your heart to see that relationship that friendship those three girls have as they are encouraging each other as young mothers and and helping each other and it's That cousin relationship is definitely important. And can be such a great support. In your life. I interviewed a hana electro a few weeks ago. She wrote a book a camp. Graham are camp cousins. I think she called it and that was one of the things that she said was. Her goal was to have cousins become friends so they could know each other. And i think that's such an important part of growing up is knowing your cousins. Yes i am actually working with my dad. Right now Formatting his life story it's interesting to to read from his perspective and understanding how important our ancestors are as well as our posterity. And i think he he's done such a marvelous job in bringing all of that together and i've really enjoyed helping him as we do the layout on this to printed up to print it into a book more about my ancestors. I think that that's where we're grandma's can definitely make a difference is bringing that whole the whole family lined together and having the history of the family the knowledge of it to continue down the generations to come so that they understand their family line in where they came from and who they are a long time ago an earlier life. I used to help grandparents right their life story. And i did it using pictures and i would tell tell people to. They would come to this event. I'd say bring five pictures and then just tell me about what happened. Or what surrounds these pictures. Something just to get grandparents to start talking. And then that was the way they could then share with their children and grandchildren. Something as simple as what happened in this picture. I think that's an important tradition. That grandparents can help visor and there are so many different places. Now that you can go where you can create life stories my Richards children gave him a christmas gift last year. Where he writes they would he would get a prompt in an email and he would write about whatever the prompt was and he just got the books back so the year worth of stories now. They have all of these stories of his childhood in his upbringing and things that were near and dear to his heart on our website. We also have a link to my life. My story book. We started this company that they have a program where said twenty four question prompt and they encourage which pictures to go with which at one in his ends up becoming a very short picture book. So easy for you to sit down and read with a child this picture book and you have the complete history from beginning to the wherever graham. Our great grandparents are at. We can sit down and read with a child so my life. My story book is a great program where you can put together your own picture book of your life story. Oh that's a great idea. I know there are several companies that you can do that online now. When i started this years ago there there was no facebook. there was back there was barely internet. People didn't even know about it. But i think anything that you can do to help give your child. A sense of belonging is important. I remember about the same time. I embroidered this wall hanging that said to mugs important gifts. You can give your children are roots and were and wings..

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