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Dollar improvement, will not be paid into Clermont county or into Milford schools if you put that just in bottom line Dollars in we're just talking round figures here 'cause you'd have to get right into it you're talking property taxes of. Eight hundred sixty six thousand dollars a year Over that, twenty years that's. Seventeen million dollars. And twelve million of that would have gone, to Milford schools right but the weight also look at it too unlike you said personal private property let's. Face it not many people are coming to my house your house and staying on hotel motel in restaurants, in, order, to just come to our. House and visit you have that. On, many or exactly the, cases you have outside teams and tournaments. Coming to play it FC Cincinnati practice facility in train there you have that, revenue stream taxes well so there's an offset well keep in mind that revenue stream there's one percent and that one percent goes directly to the convention visitors bureau and that money. Is being pledged to pay back the, property owners and the two that are being paid are the city of Milford is buying, five million dollars worth of property and once that. Debt is paid off then it goes, back to pay the private debt. Of FC Cincinnati in the one point five. Million dollars worth of property that they bought so this literally as governor Tax money. Paying? For a private industries purchase of land do. You think overall, that this deal. Is worse than. What struck on the West End I can't, I can't really talk to that you know I'm not privy to the exact details you know I have. The details of this particular deal and and don't get me wrong I mean this is business people are, setting, down, in negotiating. Their deal on. Floor and I totally understand that. But, by the same token, you know the stakeholders that I represent. The board of directors have see there the board of directors of Clermont county, which is which are the taxpayers what's been David pinton the reaction from your constituents on this so far I think it's mixed reactions you know I get some that come back. To say thanks for standing up for, us and I get some back that say I totally respect your decision because you did, cemetry sort re research should but they also say. You know I don't agree With your vote and you I get that you, know that's the democratic process. That is really what makes, America great, when we can all sit down and voice our views and everyone. Comes up and votes in the democratic, process whether you know I I. Did I was outvoted this particular time I'm fine with that we agree? On a path forward and. Then we, go forward and make this the best project, that we can you know I, could agree with that statement more and, that is submitted these days so much with the vitriol of politics as, you know David painter, from the, Clermont county commissioners If you vote on solid party lines without any forethought you. Just towing the, company, line that's. The problem with politics is or. You blame the other. Guy for doing something that you're going to ratchet up to the degree we've seen that play out many times. But listen, I did the research how you went, to Dallas to see how FC Dallas work things out you did the legwork you did, your homework, you voted now on it You're not, screaming? From the rooftops in the mountaintops how, bad deal this is but you made informed. Decision send people agree some people disagree but that's how, the system should, work we should be applauding that hey absolutely and and let me let me go a, little further than that and say is that you, know it doesn't matter which side of the aisle that a good idea comes. If a if an idea is good well then it's good right and if it's good. For all people then let's move forward and, make this happen and like like I told you project. Manager for years I inherited many many projects that someone, else bid and that if I. Would have had have done it, that's not the direction I would have went in but it was my responsibility to make it a. Great project for the client and that's, what my, responsibility is here to make it a great project for the citizens Claire mechanic your job as. A project manager the. PMS to inherit everyone, else's headaches and fix them It's, to be an innovative manager and to find some, way to figure out that project so the bottom line isn't that right right. How do we didn't we can't put out dumpster fires but we can at least make. The flames go down a little bit David, painter I appreciate that.

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