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Run fast, catch the ball run after catch. It's the little things a really good route runner. His great run after catch ability. He understands space and time. That's one thing that pops out about those two and it gets talked about pre draft. Hey, we're going to draft your college receiver and they're going to have great rapport. Yeah, that's a factual statement. What does that rapport? It's kind of like thinking each other's thoughts and seeing the field the same way. It's when I'm ready for you to make your break, you're making it because you know I'm ready to make your break. You see those little things pop up, especially those crossing routes, they ran yesterday that they bust up a big gains. You know, those aren't big gains if they're not executed with the right timing. And then defensively or just I would say physicality, they're way more physical than I thought they'd be both defense spleen offensively. So I did not think they were very good. So yesterday now I think they're very good. And I think those are some of the reasons why. Okay, yeah. That's a lot there because the chase part of it, some people like Jefferson better because he was this crisp like technician route runner, right? But physically, Jamar was somebody that was going to I always liked it, he was going to hit you back a little as a receiver, and we don't always get to see that. And you know, the off season was kind of weird because you didn't know what to expect with burrow. Like I was reading sando stuff and sander was saying that there was another executive that thought his leg looked atrophied. And it's like, well, okay, maybe it just is because he hasn't worked out. And then you've got Jamar saying you can't catch footballs, which was, I don't know what to believe on that one, because I've seen it played out both ways that it was a weird thing for him to say, but it was also him actually being specific saying this football's different and it's harder for me to see right now. That's it. I'm just making that point. I didn't think all of a sudden this guy couldn't make plays. So now to see him, I just, what is a guy like that do for you as a quarterback? When you have like a no doubt, wins every 50 50 ball. Like, I'm not calling him John J Hopkins, but knowing you can throw to Hopkins and he solves your problems. What is that like for you as a quarterback? Who is that guy for you? Why didn't have it in the pros hadn't college 5 of my receivers in college played the NFL, Charlie Jones bid for a long time, Titus winans, Malcolm played for 5, 6, 7 years. And I'll just go back and that's a hundred years ago, but it was so awesome because you didn't have to be perfect, right? So much of why quarterback.

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