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Like your average standard here. Absolutely one hundred percent, and this is why you advocate waiting on quarterback for people. Now obviously, I had these guys separated from my tier three for whatever reason I don't think they have the upside in the case of somebody like Daniel Jones he's got a really tough schedule is left tackle just opted out Matthew Stafford's coming off an injury joe boroughs a rookie Ben Rothlisberger is coming off an injury Ryan Tannehill do regression jared Goff's coming off a terrible season. Cam Newton is coming off an injury and he's with the new team. These guys all have something to argue against them drew brees old and take some hills there. So what kind of volume is he gonNA have however I think it is extremely likely. They're going to be a lot of fantasy teams with these guys starting quarterback and that's why you're not screwed if you don't get. One of the tier three guys. If you don't get one of the tier three guys get a couple of guys from this year maybe pair floor guy like breeze with an upside guy like Newton or a floor guy like Brady with an upside guy like Joe Borough, and you're going to be just fine rapping a couple of quarterbacks from this tear some people might disagree with me. There are going to be people who have Cam Newton higher than this I'll. Wait and see I, but I think Cam Newton is the guy if you really want upside, you star him here because I think it's going to be very intriguing what he's going to do with the New England Patriots Tom Rating Cam Newton would be fascinating to draft just just kind of funny. You know you could follow that all season, but I think you can get away easily with one of these guys as you're starting quarterback even if they weren't your star circle underline target, they're going to be plenty of teams that are going to get reduction out of these guys. They just have more works than them in them than the guys ahead of them. Joe I've been waiting all show for this part of me thinks that you did this on purpose for effect. Tier. Five is only two names. Aaron? Rogers and Jimmy Garoppolo. You have Aaron Rodgers below like twenty quarterbacks in the Year of our Lord Twenty twenty explain yourself. Well, I think the question to be we took get Ryan guten comes down here to have him explain himself who are who's Aaron Rodgers on both demonte Adams. WHO MISSES Games every year and I loved him on the share but he misses games every year. His only addition to receiving cordless off season was Devin funchess he opted out so you have Davante Adams Allen. LAZARD. Marquez valid scheduling who was terrible last year. Equanimity Brown who's done Jack all in the NFL shake Kuro who has like the soul of Jeff Janice implanted into down. J Sternberg or who I also like this year by the way, we'll get to him in the tight end tears..

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