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Know Saco fellows who are who are the women who sell our product here in the United States and other entrepreneurs and her village Anne back home has completely fleet transformed in the last ten years ago. The average girl in her home community was married by the age of thirteen anguish. Sometimes as early as eight or nine years old and less than eight years later which in the world of global development is readily we short amount of time the average thirteen year old fourteen year old fifteen year old sixteen year old. Almost all of the teenage women in her community are in school and the the reason that they're in school is only because of Aggie like it's because they have seen through aggies story when she was thirteen A Guy offered her dad twenty cows in exchange for her marriage village. Aegis her dad and her dad said no and he was like shocked. The whole village was like nope. I'm keeping her in school so she went on to high school. Oh she graduated from college now. She's managing director of the global fashion brand and it was like an I am just I. I just moved to tears every time I think about the fact that that all the women and not entire village those families literally have no idea who lives for Bohannon US like I. It's like I have. I've never met them. I probably never will meet them. Like the only reason that her community is changing is because of her like aggie has a voice racist perspective in an impact like when they see aggies trajet like what for them to see me and see my story like it's completely irrelevant to them. Like okay. Cool some girl that group group in America. That did this did that. It's like the aggie has this perspective. And she has a voice and she has a way of speaking and she has an experience that can burrow its way into the hearts of not just the young women but of the you know the families were making decisions on behalf of this of these young women in like she can light path for our freedom and for possibility in a way that I literally never could and I think as leaders we get so consumed and obsessed with like. What's my role? And what's my impact. Can we forget that it's like you have a don't understand like the whole point of view being who you are created to be so that you can spark that and someone else and then they can go on and create change in impact packed in imaginable. Ways that are totally out of your reach and totally out of possibility for you but not for her and not for him but like we spur for each other on when we have the courage to do that work in ourselves into show up and to do what we were created to do. That was very.

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