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She knew what I was going through. She was like, where are you? I'm in bed. Are you crying? I was like, no, I'm not crying. That's good. She said, you know, get up, have a shower, make a cup of tea and make another phone call to that landlord or whatever. On those very, very tough days. You know, she was there. Was your mom plugged in in that way or your mates? I think my mom's gone through this divorce as much as I have to be fair. And she's been solid. I mean, I remember sobbing in my mom's arms and she's only 5 foot bless her. She got me through some tough tough times. So she's had a second divorce. What we crying about that day, do you remember what a triggered it? I just think it was a situation around the kids and when I used to send them back and it still tough when I send them back now, just add them for 5 days and now they go back to mothers for 5 days so I don't get them until Monday. And I still find these 5 days tough. That seesaws really hard isn't it? It's like the intensity of having them on your own. Yeah. Then they're gone. Then they're gone. It's like nothingness. So I've not got my head around that. No, I don't think I ever will. It would be better when they're older and they have a phone. But you will get used to it, I'm told. You can do cool stuff on your own, right? Yeah, I mean a work and see my mates and whatever, but it still, it's not your kids. You moved to this village. You're out of a town to a village. So you could be a 50 50 parent. How welcome have you been by the village as a single parent? I don't know anyone when I've recently spoke to one of my daughters friends at school's mother and you know that's been good, but because also you.

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